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Easy Spiritual Spring Practices

The spring equinox is coming up, and if you celebrate Ostara, that’s close by as well! Spring is associated with renewal, fresh starts, and fresh air, so we’ve got three ways to celebrate. And while it’s best if you practice these on the spring equinox, which is March 20-22nd, it’s totally okay to do these any day in March, April, or even May.

1. Plant Intentional Seeds

One of my favorite ways to celebrate spring is to plant seeds that will blossom into beautiful flowers, or herbs I can use in my spiritual practices. Seeds are affordable, and when you reuse containers like cleaned out candle or pasta jars, you can help reduce waste as well.

Write an intention that you’d like to grow in the coming months – these work best with longer term goals that will take time to unfold, & bonus points is you pair them with plants associated with that goal! Write on a piece of undyed paper or an eggshell, and bury It in the deep in the soil, so the seed still has room for its roots.

2. Open a Window

Such a simple practice. Opening the window can let fresh air in, and push out old stagnant energies. Need we say more?

3. Intentionally Clean

Next time you sweep, think of old energy being released and swept out of the corners. Wipe away dust with herbal infused cleaners using some of our bulk herbspeppermint helps keeps bugs away too, which is perfect for dusty windowsills.

And simply take a breath! Spring is finally here, and the weather is warming up. Time to enjoy it!

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