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Building A Travel Altar

All of my witchy stuff fits in one teeny tiny old-fashioned suitcase. I’m serious.

Built off the idea of a travel altar, all the tools and materials I need are inside one easy – and pretty – location.

Travel altars are meant to add mobility to witchcraft and your practice, but they’re actually pretty darn practical. They’re perfect for closeted witches who need to hide their tools, but also may be practical for witches with children who get curious and play with your tools.

If you need some ideas for what to include and why, here are a few.

1. Start with the Container

I found a beautiful vintage leather box that is practically an old-fashioned suitcase. But, the idea is finding something you can take with you easily. Something that securely closes, but also fits into a bag or has a handle. For ultra mini travel altars, many people use old mint tins - pictured up above, curtsey of xcamica on tumblr. But having one in a small bag so you’re ready for rituals away from home is easy to grab and take on the go.

2. Essential Tools

Think of the basics: chime candles, a pen and paper, basic crystals, and salt. All the things that you use in ever ritual and spell should had a small space in your travel altar. We actually have tiny jars that are perfect for crushed herbs you may want to take with you.

But also, think of materials that can easily stand as universal substitutes. A white candle can replace any color. Rosemary can stand for any herb. Clear quartz can sub in for any crystal. These basics should also have a place in a travel altar, if you’ll use them often.

Remember to think minimal. You want the travel altar to be light, and non-breakable. As few items as possible that can work in a multitude of ways is better than being stuck with one thing you can only use one way.

3. Personality

Remember that it’s your altar! If you don’t use crystals in your practice, don’t pack them! But if you love using herbs and candle wax, try and fit more of that in. Add in anything that feels personal to you, like a button you may have randomly come across, or a picture of a deity that you feel strongly connected to.

They’re easy to hide, easy to grab, and keep all of your favorite sacred tools in one place. What does your travel altar look like? See mine and share yours on our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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