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4 Step Altar Care

Here are the bare basics of taking care of a Sacred Space in your home!

  1. Keep it clean. Never let dust settle on your altar. Try to clean, hold, or acknowledge every element once a week and shake out your cloth or wipe down the table when you can.

  2. If you decide to keep deities on your altar in the form of pictures or statues, treat them like guests in your house. Acknowledge them when you come home and when you're going out, burn a candle or incense for them a few times a week or daily if you can.

  3. Get in the habit of doing a thorough clean for the changing seasons.

  4. Keep a box of items that you rotate out near or under your altar table. Every season when you refresh, take everything off the altar and everything out of the box, clean it all, then re-decide how to set up your altar for the season!

Your altar should bring you and your home joy! If it becomes a chore, you may be overcomplicating it. Try cutting down to three items (not including your cardinal directions and elements if you use them) and keep it simple.

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