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Planning for the New Year

Good old December.

For me, December has always been a month where I want to do nothing, rest, retreat, play some games and eat. Last year, I visited Northern Idaho for the holiday season and that urge was magnified by glittering, structured snow – different than Maryland snow, which is too wet to form anything out of.

But also, I found that in the darkness of my boyfriend’s tiny bedroom, and the gloom of gray skies, I finally felt like my head was clear enough and I had enough time to do some loose planning for the following year.

Cosmic Corner always has great handbooks for the new year, with different styles for different personalities.

Personally, as astrology is really how I came into spirituality, I have a soft spot for it. Whether you’re someone who likes to plan and prepare around major astrological events so you are mentally prepared – perhaps I should start doing that with eclipse season – Llewellyn’s 2023 Astrological Pocket Planner would be great for someone like you or me. I however, would mostly likely keep it on hand for when I’m having a rough week, and only then opening it up for some sort of explanation as to why the vibes are off.

But for witches who are interested in doing a year and a day of practice, or re-devoting themselves to their craft and practice, or otherwise want to get some more creative ideas on spells and maybe throw themselves out of their comfort zone, there’s a Spell-A-Day Almanac for you too.

Sometimes though, along with my astrology planner for when I just want to throw my hands up, I usually take the month of December to take my time thinking about what I want the theme of my next year to be.

For about two years in a row, there has been some element of vulnerability in my theme, and I fully expect it to continue to next year.

Last year, it was to explore myself and my world more. I went on more solo adventures, and took up therapy and journaling to get to know myself better.

This year, December has just started, and I have a few ideas on themes I could go for - investment in myself and quality physical pieces, or grounding, as recommend by my yearly tarot reading.

Still, I am a fan of using these almanacs and guides to help me, so I don’t feel like I have to plan everything to a T and put expectations on myself, and taking the whole month to slowly reflect.

How do you plan for the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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