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Pisces New Moon: the Last Lunation of the Zodiac Year  

Pisces new moon
Pisces New Moon

On Sunday, March 10th we will experience the last lunation of the zodiac year as well as the last before eclipse season with the Pisces new moon. Through the eyes of astrology, the start of the new year begins with the opening act of Aries season. This makes Pisces season the season of release, finality and endings. In many ways, Pisces, like Scorpio, is the sign of death, but death for Pisces is not as earthly as it is for Scorpio. This is a death called transcendence, a dissolution of the ego into something more expansive and existing within spiritual reality. Transcendence is the ultimate goal and purpose for the sign of Pisces, and it is exactly that which it is here to help us with.  

Pisces is the sign of the mystic, the dreamer and the artist. They are otherworldly, romantic and perhaps lost in a world much kinder, imaginative and beautiful than the one we are living in. Pisces can be idealistic and detached from reality in this way, but they are also here to share with us a more picturesque ideal of what reality can be like.  

This is a great new moon to work with for manifestation before moving into a space of surrender for eclipse season. Eclipse season is a time of destiny when fate takes the wheel, so we can expect to feel out of control and for good reason. What happens in that time is divinely orchestrated according to a higher plan. This is our last chance to set an intention of how we would like eclipse season to go and plant seeds for fate to work with. 

Pisces season is a time of endings and letting go. We are invited into the completion of a cycle and asked to participate in its closure. This means releasing that which is not serving us, or even that which we have worked for and is now letting us know in very clear ways that it doesn't wish to move forward -- at least not in this particular way. This is the essence of transcendence, it is not a death but a transition and a transformation into that which is beyond our world, and is connected to the All or infinite cosmic reality. The things we let go of have a chance at a new life in a new way, one that is closer to its authenticity and natural state. The same goes for us, if we allow ourselves to surrender (a key word of the sign of Pisces) we can experience our own rebirth come Aries season. 

Pisces new moon
Zodiac Wheel

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