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My Current Faves from Cosmic Corner Savannah

It’s a beautiful day today and I want to shop – so I’m gonna! Here’s a list of my favorites from Cosmic Corner Savannah right now, what I would buy, and why.

First off is this quartz crystal stand.

I would get simple quartz because I have found a million and one ways to use this stuff. The most eye opening recently is to fill a large candle-holder with the sand so that smaller chime candles can stand straight – plus, you’ve got an added layer of protection from wax. Plus – quartz can amplify any workings done with said candle. Yes please!

I have finally been convinced that those people on the highway can definitely cast me some bad energy, even without necessarily meaning to. Especially in traffic! None the less, carrying this around will definitely help ease and reduce the accidently side eye and possible jealousy strangers (and friends) can cast your way. Plus, the blue is really pretty!

Golden Incense Burner

This thing is so cute! It is gold, has adorable stars, and honestly, gives me fae vibes. It feels like an ethereal little house to burn my incense in. I have one, and love it! It’s so cute and small.


They’ve got a small and large version of this beautiful blue celestite. With all the energy going on with the moon, I have been so drawn to this crystal and working with it. Not only that, but it really is beautiful décor, as long as you keep it out of the sun. These are also great for connecting to your higher self in a really gentle yet powerful way. Love mine!

What are you loving from the shop right now? Let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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