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Mars in Aries 2020

Let’s talk about Mars transitioning into Aries this 2020.

It’s the planet of aggression. Of impulse. Of war. And Aries is the god of war, of fighting, of action. They are one in the same.

So this June 27th, when Mars makes its transition into Aries, things may get a little…aggressive.

But there’s more to Mars and Aries than we realize. It may seem like this is a scary time or that we should be worried. But in reality, just as any astrological placement, there is great good that comes from it.

Right now, Mars is lingering in Pisces. It is calm, gathering energy, harboring its anger within its chest. It sees the potential of people, of situations, of merging a dream-like rendering of the world with reality. Right now, you, and the entire world, may feel angry about the way things are going. It’s because you can see how good the world can be.

But right now, mars may be hesitant. You may not want to quit your job just yet. You may still be holding onto a little bit of fear. You may be unwilling to make the jump to leave that place, that relationship, that memory.

As soon as Mars transitions into Aries, we will see the negative side, yes. You may say something you will later look back on and think was put too harshly. You may feel like you’re acting impulsively, irrationally, almost.

But, you may also feel a surge of courage. Mars is about standing your ground. It is about destroying things so that something better can manifest in its place. It is about following your passions, and being unafraid to use your voice.

These are the positive qualities of mars in Aries that we must remember during this shaky time. We must take the good we have learned to see, the possibilities we hope to make a reality, and we must use our passion to formulate actionable plans. We must take risks to bring about the change we wish to see.

Now is the time to fight for a better life, to fight for equality, to change and alter government institutions – big or small. Now is the time to fight for yourself, and all you are deserving of.

Check what house your mars will be transitioning into to see what areas of life need to be reevaluated and rejuvenated. Then use this fiery energy to make changes.

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