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How to Interpret Dreams

Last night I had a very vivid dream. My alarm woke me up right in the middle, but perhaps that was a good thing. I woke up dazed, confused, with my body still heavy – probably still drifting between waking and sleeping. A voice in my head kept repeating write that down, it was important, write that down, that meant something.

But when you have out of this world and fantasy style dreams like me, a lot of those things don’t show up in a common dream dictionary or even in online dream dictionaries. What do you do then? How do you figure out the significance?

My first step: write it down. Write down the most important parts first, even if it’s out of order.

Dreams and what was said disappear faster than whisps of smoke. So I write down as much of the most important bits as possible. And, if you can’t remember exactly what was said, or if you realize it makes no sense (because sleeping brains do funny things) write down what you consciously know it meant to have said, or as close as possible.

For example last night, I dreamt I did a summoning or chanting spell. I couldn’t remember exactly what I chanted, but I do remember it included the elements, I was summoning Mother Nature, and it went to the tune of that new tik tok song “Labor” by Paris Paloma. So I wrote that down.

Write down any personal thoughts, and feelings before looking on the internet.

How is your relationship with that person that said that thing, or that deity, or that object? I have a great relationship with a tree that I think was trying to reach out in my dream. So now I know who to go to for clarity. Perhaps some odd message comes to mind that makes no sense – write it down. Go with it. Trust what your brain says first, before it can cut itself off. Did you wake up scared, anxious, breathing heavily, or did you wake up strangely calm despite the dream’s contents? That can give you some clues to meanings, warnings, or intention as well.

Then do you Googling and research.

Read as much as you can, find as similar dreams as you can (even if its an unofficial post on reddit that a random person has given an interpretation for). Make a list, mental or written, of what interpretations stand out and seem to make sense, even if it doesn’t feel logical.

Then, after all that, you might have some clarity on what the dream was referencing or trying to tell you. Sometimes its simple, sometimes its complex.

If you still don’t know, look back at your notes in a week or two or a month. Maybe it makes sense at a different point in your life.

Do you often interpret your dreams? Let us know in the comments below.

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