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How to Get More Out of Your Tarot Reading

Lately, I’ve found there is nothing more satisfying than interacting with my books, any articles I read, movies, TV shows, and now, tarot readings. Maybe that’s because I’m a writer by nature, and thus, picking up a pen or getting out the keyboard and proceeding to write a partial essay on the content I just ingested is natural to me.

But I have found, especially when it comes to tarot, the expierence becomes a lot more deep, connective, and helpful if I attempt to interact.

What do I mean by interacting with your tarot reading?

I mean doing something other than just listening.

For in-person readings, like the ones you can book at Cosmic Corner Savannah, ask if you can record using the voice memo app on your phone, take a picture of all the cards once its over, or jot down some notes as you go. These provide resource so you can mull over and reflect on the information given to you in a reading later on.

For online zoom readings, the same things apply. Ask to record, screenshot, or take notes.

For those of us that love a good pick-a-card pile in a pinch or just when scrolling YouTube, there’s no need to record since it lives on in cyber-space forever already. I have found that allowing myself to pause, take notes on what the reader just said, or pop in my own interpretations of the cards as another layer to the reading is helpful.

After the reading is over, there are ways to interact with the reading still. I like to sit and think about any cards that stood out, any of the phrases that stood out, things that surprised me, that did not resonate, that did not make sense but might in a month or two, that sort of thing. Here’s a list of prompts you can journal on, reflect on, or talk with friends about.

What stood out to me in the reading? What cards or messages stood out the most?

What did not resonate? Did the reader get anything “wrong”?

Did I disagree with anything? Am I disagreeing because I did not want to hear it?

What emotions came up? Do these feelings need to be explored further?

What did I get out of the reading; do I plan to change anything, take action on anything, etc.?

Why do this?

Besides the fact that it’s been scientifically proving that writing things down helps you remember them, its more fun to engage! I have also found it’s personally helped me process the reading, know which parts of it to focus on, and on what I want to change.

Keeping logs this deeply about readings can be helpful if you ask a question about the future and none of the information presented to you makes any sense. I find that sometimes the reading will not resonate at all, but then if I reflect on the messages two months later, it all makes perfect sense. In that way, these logs and interacts can be a scrapbook or a semi-scared text, a record, of your life, your thoughts, and your feelings.

Do you interact with your tarot readings like this? Try it out by booking with one of our readers here.

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