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How Long Does Full Moon Energy Last, Anyway?

This past weekend, we had a full moon in cancer – it signaled a time where emotional outbursts would be common, and that we should express our truths. While some people experience certain moon - or honestly, astrological events - at different intensities, it is also true some people might experience the effects at different times.

So, how long does full moon energy last, then? Maybe you’ve heard eclipse energy can last anywhere from three to six months before and after the actual date of the eclipse, with the week before and the week after serving at the most intense.

The moon’s energy is definitely not as strong or intense as an eclipse – most people experience the energy three to five days before and after, with the day of being the most intense for people.

And that might make sense for a lot of people. But for other of those where that still doesn’t seem right, let me tell you about myself.

Personally, I always seem to feel astrological and planetary energy long before it happens. I had my spew of Mercury retrograde bad luck at the end of December up to the first couple weeks of January. I felt my emotions run high about a week before the full moon.

Maybe that means these weren’t planetary influences at all, but rather just life going as it is. Or, maybe I just feel energies early – much like someone who knows something’s off about a person before even meeting them. Over all the years, I definitely think it’s a case of feeling energies really early. It happens with every eclipse, every person, every moon, everything.

Sometimes, we just have to feel and think for ourselves. Think back to this most recent full moon. Keep your eye out in the coming weeks. When did you feel most emotional? More creative? Did someone reveal their feelings to you?

Then, if the answer is yes, ask yourself and your intuition if it had something to do with the moon’s energy.

The answer is no? That’s okay. It’s yes? Also okay.

Our practice, our spirituality, our hearts, our spirit…everything…is so personal. We can’t fit into one box of how long moon energy lasts, just like we can’t fit into one box of what being a Cancer even means. It’s personal.

How long and when the moon’s energy lasts may be three to five days for most people, but for some it’s different. And that’s okay.

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