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Here's How Saturn Retrograde Will Effect You: June-October 2022

Last night around 12:45 am, the wifi went out. I’d been laying in bed watching soap making videos (a guilty pleasure that’s part of my wind-down routine). And I huffed, sighed, knew I should probably go to bed – but decided to get up, make it across a living room full of baby-toys made of bells and blinking lights, and attempt to figure out the router.

Three attempts later, I decided to call it quits and climb into bed.

This is Saturn retrograde in a nutshell: Saturn knowing, and us knowing, that we should be doing something…and then almost forcing us to do it.

Saturn went into retrograde this June 4th, 2022, and will be staying there until October 23rd. It’s hanging out in the sign of Aquarius.

You’re probably thinking, “oh my gosh, another retrograde? We just got out of the last one!” and you’re right, it feels like a lot. But Saturn is an outer planet, meaning its influences are a lot more subtle – this time could have an overarching theme or a few hard days, but it won’t be tripping you up every minute for the next five months.

So, our dear Saturn. What’s he like?

Saturn is the planet of discipline and work. It is all about responsibility, structuring our life, patience, and perseverance. It deals with our hard truth reality – right in front of us.

In retrograde, this means that if some part of your life is messy and unorganized (be it your brain or you car or your career), Saturn is urging and giving you the tools to pause and figure it out. Depending on where it is in your chart, it may not be the best time to make a career move, but rather a better time to plan one for the future. If it’s your house, it may be time to once a month pick a room and deep clean and invest in making it a functional, beautiful space.

It doesn’t have to be big though. This is a great time to work on creating habits that you really want to stick with. Maybe it’s eating better, maybe it’s connecting better with friends, or prioritizing learning to save.

And, know that Saturn will go direct right around eclipse season.

Oouh. Big and scary. (sorta). This basically means that nothing big may happen during these next 5-6 months. It may take that long to figure it all out, or have a better understanding of it. But with the eclipses happening around the time Saturn goes direct, expect whatever you’ve learned to be implemented in a HUGE way.

Eclipses are our fate’s, and they yank away what you don’t need, and bless you abundantly with what you do. Meaning if you spend 5-6 months planning and figuring something out, expect that time to be rewarded times a million.

So take a break, get reflective, and know that this retrograde truly has the power to uplevel your life if you want it to.

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