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Easy Jar Spell to Release Feelings

I’ve always been a fan here of really minimal rituals, and, ones that truly serve me in that moment or time. Whenever I’m feeling emotional, I like to do this short and simple ritual to help me release the feelings of sadness, grief, anger, or stress that I feel.

However, I at times do this spell when I’m feeling overwhelmingly positive too! You never know when a drop of your pure happiness may come in handy for a spell.


Sealable Jar – I like these tiny ones.



Decorations of your choice

Candle Wax, whose color represents your feelings


To release feelings from the body, either to cleanse or store for later use.


1. Fill the jar with water. Fiddle with the temperature if you like. For example, if I’m trapping anger, I’ll use hot water.

2. Hold the jar in your hands. Feel the feeling as deeply as you can. Conjure up all your current rage, sadness, or happiness. Gather it in your chest. Really build it up. Allow yourself to cry, if needed.

3. Imagine the feeling traveling through your arms and hands into the water. Keep imagining until all the feeling is gone from your body.

4. Seal the jar


For more negative emotion, I like to cleanse the water a couple days later, either in the sun or with smoke. This is so when I pour the water out, I am not releasing negative energy into the earth.

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