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Witchcraft, Social Media, and the Emoji Spell

With witchcraft on the rise around the globe due to popular hashtags like #witchesofinstagram and #witchblr, the method of casting spells and rituals is changing as social media continues to influence the craft.

Hop on witchblr – which is what the witchcraft community calls themselves over on Tumblr – and you’re sure enough to scroll and find the ultra-magickal emoji spell.

Basically, it’s a series of emojis that visually represent an intention. They’re usually symmetrical, with an emoji that represents the main intention in the center. Or, the emojis seem to form a sort of progression. Each one is finished with a simple statement: likes charge, reblogs cast.

By liking the persons post you are giving energy and power to the spell, and by reblogging it, you’re spreading the spell out into the universe, therefore casting it in order to manifest it in your life.

These little spells can be conjured and created quickly, and shared just as fast. They’re fun, modern, and simple. But at the same time, that could mean they don’t have as much focus. Can tapping the like button really fuel energy to a spell if it’s done by hundreds of different people, all with different energy and intentions? Does that strengthen or weaken a spell?

There is definitely power and purpose behind these modern spells, and they can definitely be used to manifest things like a temporary boost in confidence or a little bit of luck.

After all, intention alone is one of the most powerful elements when it comes to manifestation and spellwork.

Needless to say, witchcraft is definitely evolving as time moves forward, and witches young and old are moving to incorporate social media into their practice.

Want to learn how to craft an emoji spell? Check out @cosmiccornersavannah on Instagram to learn how.

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