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Full Moon SHOWER Ritual

Inspired by the Libra Full moon, I’d like to share a little ritual for relaxing and releasing. Any since many of us don’t own bathtubs, or frankly, have time for one, I’d like to share how to make showers just as magical as baths.

Libra is all about balance and justice, but it’s also associated with Venus. That means everything about love and beauty. Thus, this full moon encourages us to pamper ourselves, and release anything that doesn’t make us feel strong and beautiful – internally, or externally.

So go ahead and start your shower. Make it as hot as you’re comfortable with. Light some candles – yes, I said candles. Put them on the bathroom counter where it’s safe, on top of the toilet, anywhere that will cast a magical glow but won’t burn your home. Pop some rose quarts around too; lie it in the corners of where the tub meets the shower, in the soap dish, wherever. Play some meditation or spa music, or honestly, any music you love that makes you feel loved, beautiful, or like a bada*s.

Before you get in the shower, take a few deep breaths. Undress yourself, and I would even recommend taking off jewelry if possible. It might sound weird, but you want this to be all about you, and your natural self. Let the water rush over you. Turn to face the water, and whisper, speak aloud, or think about all the things you’d like to release. Maybe you’d like to stop talking negatively to yourself, maybe you want to release old clothes that no longer fit. Imagine these habits and items you’d like to release going down the drain, and maybe even burning in the hot water.

Grab your rose quartz if you have it, and hold it close to your heart. If you don’t have any, hold your hands close to your heart. Focus and think of all the things you love about yourself, or think about all the progress you’ve made as a person. Maybe this month you started to eat healthier, or even let yourself have dessert first and it made you feel good. Maybe you remember a day your makeup, outfit, or just your mood was beautiful.

Hold onto those thoughts as you finish your shower, and take your time drying yourself off, applying lotion, doing your skincare. Journal if that feels right. Sing in the shower if that feels right. This is all about you, afterall.

Tried this? Have you ever had a candle-lit shower? Comment down below!

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