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Easy, Effective, & Affordable Money Manifestation

2020 has been hard on us in so many ways, from making us confront being alone to social issues that needed to be addressed. These transformations are so important, but honestly, some of us have struggled with money this year – which, unfortunately in today’s world, is an essential to survival.

But, I’ve got one super easy, effective, and magical way to manifest money into your life, and the initial cost is super cheap. It only requires 3 things.

1. Citrine

2. An Envelope

3. And some spare cash or change.

Citrine is commonly known as a crystal of abundance. Our tumbled stones are small, affordable, and perfect for quick things like this. Simply charge the crystal with your intention of greater financial freedom, more abundance in the form of money, or whatever personal desire you have.

Next, take an envelope, and write an affirmation on it. My favorites are “money comes to me easily” and “every time I spend, I receive.” Plop the crystal right on inside.

Lastly, toss in some spare coins. While bills seem to work best, change will do until you have some spare cash to keep in it. Every time I get change when I’m out shopping, the left over cash and coin goes into this envelope (which is a practical way to build some small savings!). Then, keep this envelope somewhere out of sight, like in a drawer. This really helps you detach from it so you can actually manifest.

With the crystal and the affirmation there, you should find new forms of income coming into your life, finding large bills on the street, or presents and gifts.

Tried this? Let us know how it went on Facebook and Instagram. And check out our crystals here.

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