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A Simple 2021 Manifestation Tip

Recently while scrolling through Instagram, paired with the desire for 2020 to roll over into 2021, I found an interesting concept in regard to new year’s resolutions.

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I think people have come to realize that new year’s resolutions are not for everyone. And that’s perfectly okay. But with the magic associated with the new beginning of the new year, it is a powerful time to set intentions.

Sometimes it can hard to figure out what we plan to do the next year, especially with the uncertainty of the current situation we’re all still in. So I implore you to perhaps look at your desires in another way, and put your intentions into a single word.

Ilyse Kennedy, a psychologist on Instagram known as @movingpartspsycotherapy, suggests that coming up with a one word theme can be more effective than setting individual goals.

Coming up with a theme, such as “creativity” or “connection” can be transformed into powerful mantras, like I am creative, or I am connected. Mantras and affirmations such as these can have extreme effects on manifestation, and truly bring about your desires in ways you didn’t even know.

Simple words allow you to detach from goals and manifestations that may not serve you, come to find out six months down the road. Rather, they inspire and encourage fluidity and growth as you discover what it is and the depths of what you desire.

Perhaps at the beginning of the year, connection to you means writing to family members and friends more on Facebook. But suddenly, it may become much deeper than that, and evolve into a desire to connect with your higher self.

You can visit one of our readers to discover more personal ways for you to connect to your higher self if that’s part of your theme for 2021.

Have you found a theme for your new year? Let us know in our sacred space over on Instagram or Facebook @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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