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Astrology: New Moon in Virgo 2023

The new Moon in Virgo on September 14th brings organization, contemplation and a supportive energy to bring our manifestations to life

new moon in virgo
Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

Virgo the Witch

Virgo is the archetype of the witch – in her cottage with her herbs, tinctures, potions and spells. We knock upon her door with complaints of headaches and weary bones – ailments that plague us. She offers us a seat at her wooden table, worn with cuts and indents. We can picture her when she’s alone chopping the herbs and talking to her house spirits. She makes us a cup of tea and asks us important questions to determine what remedy is needed. And as soon as she gets the information she needs, she runs off to the other room, pulling down jars, muddling herbs and eggshells. She gives us our remedy and we are on our way – soothed and cared for in the most practical way. Her magic is one rooted in this world but channeled from the gods. There is nothing she has given us that does not belong to the magic of our world. Her magic is that she knows what to look for. She does not gloss over the ordinary. She knows this is where the best kept secrets lie. This is the magic of Mercury.

The sign of Virgo is associated with the body and the environment (as in, whichever environment we are dwelling in at this moment – the physical space around us) and is connected to physical boundaries – the limit, the barrier – and from there Virgo is able to channel its power. Virgo does best when it knows what it's working with, so it will dig and gather all the information together before getting to work. This approach is one we can learn from – if we are willing to move through temporary chaos and disorder, the result is a system in which everything has its place. Virgo is the healer of the zodiac, the critic, the organizer and the knowledge holder or expert. Virgo season helps us organize, by taking it little by little, and in this way we can find joy in the process without being overwhelmed.

New Moon in Virgo

This new moon in Virgo gives us a fresh new start. It's a good time to contemplate your boundaries, routines and environment and find areas where you can take practical action to improve them. Spring cleaning never hits as hard as Virgo season cleaning, and that’s because this energy of improvement, refinement and organization is gloriously inviting at this time. All of which is amplified by the new moon on September 14th. Intentions around these areas set on the new moon will have time to blossom to fruition over the course of the next couple weeks and real progress could be made. Virgo helps us commit to our intentions and put in the effort to see them through, making this a prime new moon for manifestation. The moon will also be making a trine with Jupiter in Taurus, further activating the success of the intentions we set and expanding our ability and desire to work towards our intentions through a practical approach.

Goodbye Mercury Retrograde

This new moon happens one day before Mercury goes direct, but we will be feeling the shadow of the retrograde until September 30th so issues around communication and technology will probably still be an issue until we close out the month. Just be sure to continue to double check things and be clear in your communication. This Mercury retrograde has been much more focused on the energy of healing due to it being in the sign of the healer, Virgo, and its possible you have experienced this retrograde as softer or more optimistic than previous Mercury retrogrades. Hopefully there has been some sort of healing or closure on issues of the past, but if not there will be more opportunities as we travel through the rest of VIrgo season. This season is naturally a great time to continue to facilitate practical healing and improve our routines, especially as it pertains to our body and mind.

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