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What Is The Void State

If you’re into manifestation, you may have heard of something called the void state. It’s supposedly a place where you can manifest something into reality within minutes. It’s glorified as easy to access and very successful.

But in my expierence, I have found difficulties with people poorly explaining what the void state is, or simply saying, “all you have to do is believe you can get there and you will.” This over simplifies things and makes this seemingly special realm hard to access.

The void state, though, is simply a deeply meditative state.

It’s described in psychology as a meditative state where your thoughts pass by without you judging them. And a meditative state is really just a state of deep relaxation.

It shouldn’t be so hard for Tumblr girlies and Instagram influencers to explain.

Yes, affirming and believing that you can reach this deeply relaxed, meditative, void state is one way of “entering” or getting there, there are so many other ways to meditative and relax that will work better for other people.

Technically I’ve expierences this “void state.” I have had expierences deep in meditation where I feel a void of blackness around me, infinite and expansive, with me at the center, just kind of there. I didn’t get there by repeating to myself “I am in the void state, I am in the void state” over and over – I got there by counting down from 100 slowly, methodically, and intentionally. I’ve gotten there by getting in a warm bath and listening to meditation music. I’ve gotten there while attempting to sleep.

I believe this void, deeply meditative state is accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender, sex, belief, anything. I just don’t like how on social media there seems to be only one way to get there.

If you’re finding yourself having difficulties getting to a deeply meditative state, where your thoughts kind of can just float by without you holding onto them – or in other words, ruminating or elaborating on them – simply look up and research different meditation methods. Try guided or silent ones. Try counting up or down, try visualization or imagination. Try deeply focusing on an art or craft. Or, try holding onto and exploring a thought so deeply you end up somewhere you didn’t think or realize.

And whether you can manifest in minutes or seconds in this void? Well, I think that’s a topic for a different day. Leave a comment if you’d like us to elaborate on it.
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