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7 Step Mental Cleanse

Cleanses, detoxes, minimalism… it seems the big trend nowadays is to get rid of all the stuff! While choosing to only keep items that spark joy and buying less so you can do more are amazingly cathartic, don’t forget to occasionally give your inner home a cleanse. 

If you don’t like the idea of holding onto to emotional or mental items that you no longer need (or want), then cleanse them with a ceremonial releasing. It’s not as easy as bundling thoughts up and giving them to a thrift store… but with practice you’ll be clearing the metaphysical junk in your head daily to leave room only for the good. 

Here are some steps to get you started on your mental cleanse:

Before you Start:

Here’s what you may want to have near by:

  1. Bowl or censer filled half way with salt

  2. Metal tongs 

  3. Meditation Timer (Our favorite App is Insight Timer)

  4. Candle

  5. Herb for smoke cleansing

  6. Matches or lighter

  7. Paper and a pen or pencil

#1 Gathering Like Minded Friends (optional but fun!)

If you have some buddies that are into cleansing and living as their best selves, invite them! There is power in having people witness you shed past thought patterns and mental ick. Pour the salt and light the candle to begin.

#2 Meditate and Journal to Gain Insight

Gathering around in a circle or sit in a quiet place and have a little meditation session. Set a timer for 5-20 minutes, whatever you're most comfortable with. When you’re ready, start free writing. Just put your pen to paper and don’t stop writing for another 5 minutes. If you get stuck, you can ask a spirit guide to show you what thoughts, feelings, or memories have been holding you back. Circle things that really stand out to you or words that are repeated. 

#3 Write it out

Choose 1-3 things you'd like to release and write them down. As the ink is absorbed imagine the thoughts getting trapped in the paper.

#4 Speak it out (optional)

Now is the time to make it feel real. If you’re alone you can say it to yourself or in the group you can go around and share. This is a special time so let eveyone know not to interrupt the speaker.

#5 Burn it out

You can do this all at once or one at a time as you go around the circle. Take your paper in your right hand and hold it over the lit candle (you may want to use tongs) until it catches. Carefully lay it on the salt in the bowl and watch it burn, meditating on allowing whatever it is to pass away.

#6 Cleanse Yourself and Your Space 

Smoke cleanse yourself, your group, and your space to clear any residual negative vibes. If you don’t want any more smoke in your space you can practice laughter cleansing. Negative energy can’t stand joyous laughter, so tell some jokes or laugh just for the sake of laughing!

#7 Invite in Positive Things 

Now that the mood is lifted, write out 3 things you're grateful for and 3 things you plan to bring into your life. Speak these out loud! If you’re in a circle of friends, check in with them regarding their intentions and help them bring positivity into their life. If you’re solo, write it down and hang this list on your mirror or refrigerator so you’re always reminded of what you wish to manifest. 

Tip: It’s entirely possible to do this all in the astral realm. Get into a meditative trance state and clearly imagine going through all the steps to achieve a similar effect if you’re a little short on time.

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