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Working with Deities: An Overview

Working with deities is definitely a process to say the least. From doing research on different pantheons, to reaching out, to giving offerings, to building a relationship with them – it’s a lot. Don’t worry, we’ll go over each part.

Starting with this post, a broad overview of working with deities. The most popular ones I hear about fellow witches and spiritualists working with are from the Greek, Roman, and Norse pantheons. But honestly, you can work with whatever pantheon seems to call out to you most – IF it’s an open practice.

Some practices, like Santeria, Hoodoo, and Voodoo, are generally only open to those who are from those backgrounds. Make sure to do your own research and ask actual practictioners from those religions, practices, and cultures what the guidelines are for starting.

I’d like to start by saying that working with gods, goddesses, and idols is a relationship.

It’s like building a friendship. They may be hesitant at first. You may be hesitant at first! But over time, with doing more with the deity, talking with them, and spending time with them, it will become easier and a stronger relationship.

That means you shouldn’t be asking any deity for help with spell work or ritual work right from the get go – unless they approach you on the matter first.

Each one will like different things. Some may want a dedicated altar to them. Some may not. Some like constant offerings, some will be okay if you do it once in a while. It’s all about communication, which will be its own post. For now, communication can be anything from seeing signs, numbers, or hearing thoughts in your head.

In general though, you just…start. Once you find a deity you relate to, are drawn to, or really admire, you just start! Sometimes people start with dedicating a candle to them, or a meditation where they open themselves to that deities’ energies.

It’s gonna feel awkward at first, but it’ll get easier. I promise. If you’re interested in getting some items for your newfound deities, we have everything from crystals to statues.

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