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Working with Archangels

This past weekend I went to visit a friend for Samhain, and the drive was about eight hours from my place to hers. I woke up to thick fog at five in the morning, heard a little grumble in my head telling me perhaps sleeping in was a better option, but trudged forward anyway – I hated traffic, and early morning fog was a great way to avoid it.

A recent read on archangels in mind, I remembered that archangel Michael was often known to protect those in long-distance travels, especially those by car. The key being that you all you had to do was ask, give permission to intervene, and then actually listen to what warnings he gives.

Freezing and turning up the heating gauge in the car, I shivered and said aloud, “Hi archangel Michael. I’m Erica. I haven’t worked with you before but please protect me throughout this drive to my friend.”

Then, I went on my merry way.

About an hour into the drive, up in the Appalachian Mountains, the fog was still thick, but I could still see a decent distance ahead of me. There were only a couple other cars on the three-laned highway with me: a regular black car that had inconsistent speed, and a reliable truck driver whom I quickly passed.

Suddenly, a voice in my head said slow down. Then again. More.

Suddenly, a voice in my head said slow down. Remembering that archangels Micheal’s voice usually comes in short commands, I let my foot off the pedal and dropped about ten miles per hour. Then again. More. So I slowed down another ten.

Just as I was doing so, I passed a sign that said “Maryland Wildlife. Be alert.”

I noticed the fog getting thicker, but trusted I was protected. Then out of the fog I see a stag, larger than one I’d ever seen before, standing in the middle of the highway.

I slammed on my breaks, glancing back and forth between the rearview mirror and the deer just staring at me as I tried not to hit it.

Luckily, the deer was safe a few inches away from the hood of my car, and so was I. The deer scampered off as the other car flew past me. And my friend, the truck driver, pulled over on the side of the road, I figured realizing the fog and the possibility of deer was just too much stress.

If I had been going even five miles per hour faster, I wouldn’t have been able to stop in time.

After a few deep breaths and the resisting of an anxiety attack, I slowly started driving again and didn’t whisper my thanks to Archangels Michael, but profusely out-loud repeated my gratitude for his help and warning.

I’d always wanted to work with the archangels, as I’d always been drawn to them and seen so many spiritualists call upon them before tarot readings or channeling messages. And I was wholeheartedly convinced of their power and abilities in just one encounter lasting probably less than a minute total.

Anyone can work with the archangels and see the power of them.

Though they come from Christian, Islamic, and Jewish texts and scriptures, I find that spiritualists and witches from all backgrounds and beliefs call upon them with success.

You don’t have to be any specific religion to work with them. I’m agnostic, personally, and that didn’t stop archangels Michael from warning me loud and clear of the deer on the road.

You don’t have to be any specific religion to work with them.

And unlike deities, it seems like you don’t need to establish a relationship with them first, or give any offerings. Though, I definitely will be expressing my gratitude and giving something sweet in return – it’s only the kind thing to do. Some like to have altars for them, others don’t.

Working with the angels seems to be a super flexible practice, depending on how much time and space you have, and what you can give.

Different authors will consider there to be a different number of archangels, so be sure to research from different view points before coming to your own conclusion. It’s usually anywhere from seven to ten, and it’s completely personal how many you work with and which ones.

However, we at Cosmic Corner sell a few books for you to get started with.

Either way, that foggy morning definitely solidified for me that the archangels are powerful beings of light, and have magnificent energy to work with. If they resonate with you, looking into them and working with them will definitely bring you protection and guidance.

Erica has always found a sense of home in the forest behind her childhood house, believed in magic, and explored what it meant to be human through words. She's a social media manager and writer all about writing authentic, confident, and vulnerable voices that connect with the right audience.

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