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What to do During A Shift (Part 2)

The dawn of the Aquarian age is upon us, and after a dismantling year like 2020, it can feel like a shift is lingering in the air – or, we want to create a shift. We’re witches and spiritualists after all, so we control our own destinies.

But, dear reader, what does one do during a shift? We can feel it in the buzzing in the air around us and see it in the way people are holding their heads. We hear it in how people speak.

But what can we do, to make sure these natural ebbs and flows, these shifts, are beneficial to us?

1. Cleanse

In whatever way suits you best. Say goodbye to the old energy by cleansing, and allow the new energy to settle into perfectly shiny (maybe the baseboards are shiny in the metaphysical realm) space. Clear with smoke, like palo santo and cedar. Tidy up your clothes a little. Wash your hands, even.

2. Get informed.

Not only does Cosmic Corner conveniently sell a witch’s almanac, we also update our social media and email newsletter every new and full moon with updates on the energy, so you can stay properly informed on what actions may be recommended, and which you should probably think through first.

Or, if you’d like it more personal, read your own tarot or book a reading with us – because, sometimes the shift is within you, and that’s a powerful sign your life is about to change for the better.

3. Go with your gut, darling.

The paths during a shift are infinite. A million doors are opening all at once. So if something feels right that normally doesn’t, like saying yes to coffee, please say yes. If something doesn’t feel right, like perhaps your job is getting old, listen to your own voice. The universe will tell you which direction the shift is going, if you listen closely enough.

Enjoy these tips? There’s a bonus tip on our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah waiting for you!

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