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What to do During a Shift

The summer cycle is ending, and recently, I’ve felt a shift in the air and within myself. I can’t quite put my finger on it, and you never really can. Sometimes you just know that something is changing.

It can feel like you’re floating in the midst of it all; it can feel like you’re a little lost for what to do. So, here are a few things to try when you feel life starting to shift.

1. Get somewhere quiet

For me personally, when things feel like they’re changing, it also feels like there’s a pause hanging in the air. It comes with the reminder to just pause myself. To sit in the sunroom with some tea or lemonade and watch the plants move. To see where my thoughts run when there’s no focus to leash them down.

2. Or distract yourself

If it feels confusing or like your foot is just tapping, waiting, find something to fill your mind and make it go blank. Read a book, get lost in a movie or a video game. Deep clean the house. Whatever seems to get you into that flow.

3. Loosely plan

These are moments where opportunities and paths are infinite. If a random idea comes to mind for a project, a story, or a career direction, jot it down somewhere. There’s no need to think extensively about it, just write down what comes and what flows. You can go more in depth later.

4. Say yes

Again with the idea that life paths are infinite, if someone asks you to take an extra shift, or to hang out when you normally wouldn’t, just say yes. You never know what you could gain, whether that be meeting someone, getting some extra money, or something more subtle that shoots you in the right direction.

These moments where there’s a pause, where there’s a shift, so many things are just at our fingertips. Sometimes it’s just a sign to slow down and let the universe do the heavy lifting, and to just take advantage of what is right in front of us. It could lead us to our fates.

Remember to enjoy the shift. It means you’re doing the right thing.

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