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Tips For Crystal Ball Safety

Did you know crystal balls can cause fires?

In short, crystal balls can act as a magnifying glass, taking direct light from many directions, and focusing it on one single spot. If it get’s hot enough at this point, it can combust and cause a flame.

But hey, don’t freak out! There are so many ways to keep crystal balls and still have a safe, fire-free home.

Our lovely local shop here in Savannah carries a few gorgeous ones that are perfect for divination, but choosing where you decide to put your new crystal ball is an important decision.

Here are two tips to stay safe with your crystal ball and still keep it beautiful and magickal!

1. Simply keep away from direct sunlight

The keyword here is direct sunlight. In the morning and evening, watch where sunlight falls in the rooms of your house. Keep your crystal ball away from these areas. It’s also pretty safe to say a south facing window without any curtains is also a no-go.

Pick a shadier location in your home. That corner you wouldn’t dare put a plant is the perfect home for your crystal ball. And to be extra safe, also follow the next tip.

2. Add a magickal cloth to cover

Adding a piece of opaque fabric over your crystal ball when it’s not in use can actually be beneficial in so many ways. It will help keep your crystal ball physically safe from dust and sunlight damage, especially if you choose a crystal prone to fading. And, the cover will help keep spiritual energies away from the crystal ball, reducing the amount of times you need to cleanse it.

You can pick an altar cloth or fabric that has special meaning to you, and add embroidered sigils or charms to help enhance psychic powers and connection when using the crystal ball, or added protection. It also looks pretty mysterious, if that’s your witchy vibe.

See! There’s absolutely nothing to worry about if you just take a few, easy extra steps to ensure safety in your home.

Our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah shows you how to style a crystal ball beautifully, even with a cloth covering!

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