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The Easiest Protection Charm Ever

As a token of my love, I always give my friends and family little protection charms. Ones super small, and not obviously done by a witch. They’re small, look pretty, and are extremely portable. And most importantly, effective.

It requires only two things: a stone, and your affection.

Grab a protection stone of your choice, such as obsidian or black tourmaline. Even rings made of hematite are pretty, simple, and work nicely. Make sure to cleanse the stone in whichever way you prefer.

Next, think of your intention while holding the stone. For my female friends and family members, it usually includes protection from unwanted attention and safety walking alone along with my usual intention of protection while driving from accidents and cops.

Repeat all the uses you want infused into the stone or ring until you feel like it’s strong enough.

Now what I feel like really adds power is this next part: thinking of how much you love and care about the person. Really draw all your love for them into your chest, and then imagine that energy slowly wrapping down through your arms into the object.

I usually mix thinking about my affection for the person and my intentions for the stone, thinking of either back and forth until I really feel like the stone is infused strongly.

Next, I hand it over. My sisters keep their stones on their dashboards, where the sun can constantly charge them. I keep mine in my wallet. I have friends wear them as a ring every day.

Each of them is strongly protected without even knowing it.

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