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Simple Protection Spell, for Mabon

Today is the autumnal equinox, and where I am, it is gloomy and rainy and wet – perfect autumn vibes. However, Mabon energy can last all week, so if you’re wanting to preform a simple, low energy spell to honor the protective energies of Mabon, this is for you.

Also, this protection spell can be preformed any time of year, not just right now. Mabon is just a great time to celebrate as the energies are beginning to shift into protecting oneself for darker, winter months – spiritually, and in terms of food and abundance.

You will need:

A firesafe dish – we love these.

Dried leaves, some options include

Eucalyptus – peace & protection

Bay – protection

Fallen leaves from the season




As this spell has a flame and can be quite large depending on how many and how big your leaves are, please do not leave this spell unattended. Please preform in well ventilated area, and how proper safety precautions like water on hand in case it gets out of hand.

Also, please wait for your ashes to cool and go out completely to prevent any fires.


Take a pen and write down all the names of people, places, etc. that you want to protect. Put them in a bowl as you finish.

Take some time to focus your energy and intention over the bowl of leaves, giving thanks, asking for protection of these people, honoring the plants and life that went into the spell, calling energies if you want, etc.

Set the leaves ablaze to activate, similarly to how setting a sigil on fire can activate its energy. Mediate and tend to the flames.

Once they’ve cooled, scatter nearby your home, or nearby to those who you wish to protect. You can also dispose of if you do not have space to keep these near you, just do so in an ecofriendly manner.

How simple was that?

When I finished preforming this yesterday, I did so at dusk. A lovely owl hooted along as I scattered my ashes, and it was quite lovely.

Let us know what your autumnal plans are over on our Facebook and Instagram!

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