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Should You Preform Love Magick? Types of Love Magick:


I think we all want it.

And I could sit here and type all about how friendship and familial love and self-love are just as necessary and important as romantic. But quite frankly, love is one of the most common questions posed to tarot readers, astrologists, and other practitioners. It’s a frequent request in spells to bring a lover into your life, get someone to love you back, or any other sort of variation.

Many witches and practitioners have lots to say on the matter too, some deeming it immoral - we covered it in a previous post here.

But rather than lecture on whether you should or should not preform love magick involving others, I’d prefer to tell you about different types of spells and workings you can do instead – after all, what spells you preform is your business. I’d just rather you have the proper information.

Quickly, here at Cosmic though, we do recommend asking for consent first.

Still, the first time me and my boyfriend met in person, before we were dating, I asked him if he wanted to make cookies. Little did he know we were baking my recipe for love cookies. I didn’t ask his permission before asking Aphrodite, if she thought we’d be good together, to bless us with a happy relationship.

I wasn’t asking him to fall in love with me, persay. But I did feed him a love spell.

The keywords “if the universe thought we’d be good together,” were also, well…key.

So that brings me to the different types of romantic love spells.

There are spells to create love.

Some have an intended target, too.

These spells are usually done with powerful ingredients and intention, and are typically the ones we don’t see working out in movies and television.

But some just request love in general.

Oftentimes a more *accepted* type of romantic magickal working, these spells don’t necessarily want to bend the will of someone you know, but rather send messages to the universe of the kind of partner you want. Often times, these spells cause changes in your life (whether it be work, school, or self-development) to put you on the right path towards attracting that perfect person.

There are also spells to strengthen a bond or romantic connection.

This is one I preformed with my boyfriend – he didn’t ask questions when I asked him to just lay his hand on the bowl for seemingly no reason. These spells are meant to take an existing relationship and strengthen it, whether that be focusing on sex and intimacy, communication, or soulful connection and vulnerability. These can be truly powerful workings and cause massive positive changes in a relationship.

There are spells to break love, too.

Often times these ones have specific targets in mind, and they may not be fun. While they’re not as popular of a request, they still exist. It can send messages to the universe to remove a negative or toxic partner from your life, or give you the courage or tools you need to remove yourself.

I may be biased, but spells to strengthen a connection are generally my favorite, but still should be done with some caution.

Whatever love working your attempting though, ingredients and actions can more or less be the same. Luckily for you though, exclusively at Cosmic Corner Savannah, we sell a wonderful love charm kit that has all the tools you need. You can find it here.

Want to see another bonus spell for love though? Make sure to follow us on Instagram & TikTok.

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