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The Ethics of Love Magic

The first time my boyfriend came over we made cookies – and my go to were my witchy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies; their intention being to strengthen self-love and love between individuals.

About halfway through I stopped, spoon in hand, and wondered is this a love spell? And then, as I stirred more franticly, should I be doing this?

Go on witchblr or #witchesofinstagram, and you’ll find that the debate over love spells and love magick is nothing new. Every witch and spiritualist is different. Some preform love spells and don’t bat an eyelash. Others strongly advise against it. Love magick, just like any part of the practice, is a personal choice.

But, it seems to be that there are multiple forms of love magick – and some of them get a worse wrap than others.

Some, like the cookies I baked that evening, have the intentions of strengthening already existing bonds, or stimulating a loving mood. These don’t trick anyone into falling in love with you when they might not be good for you, but rather encourage already existing love to be stronger.

There are potions and spells that will encourage people to fall for you, but practitioners of these tend to be cautious and specific.

Glamour magick might be combined with love magick to make you appear more desirable and attractive, to the general public or to one specific person. These forms of spells can be empowering, and encourage users to glamourize and love even parts of themselves they might not enjoy.

It all seems to depend on the intention and the witch. While some would have my head for baking some delicious cookies – my boyfriend ate most of them leaving little for me, by the way – others would think it’s a cute form of magical bonding.

Know your morals and your ethical standings. Then, apply what you believe to love magick of all forms. Stick by those beliefs.

Of course, we grow as people and our beliefs might change, but at the end of the day we should stand strong and refuse to let other witches influence our practice.

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