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Plant Spirit Allies: Alfalfa Magical Properties

Alfalfa is a wonder herb to work with if you’re trying to bring in some money, good luck or want to protect the material goods you already have. When we connect with the magical properties of Alfalfa it will assist us in calling in financial abundance and security. It is often used in combinations with other herbs and makes a powerful addition to money spells and spells for good fortune and luck. It is associated with the planet Venus, but has an easy connection with the planet Jupiter as well given its properties for abundance, luck and generosity – as well as its magical ability to bring luck while gambling, an area of life that Jupiter has domain over. 

When we work with plant spirit allies, such as Alfalfa, it's vital that we connect with the energy of this spirit with honor, respect and reverence. We are asking them for a favor, and our gratitude goes a long way in the power of our spells and our spiritual integrity. The plant allies we build a relationship with, through this reverence and gratitude, become fierce friends and guides to us and will come to bat for us and our spells. Here’s what you might want to know about our friend, Alfala, and how they can support you!

Alfalfa Magical and Spiritual Properties 

  • Money drawing

  • Protection of material possessions

  • Good fortune

  • Good luck

  • Health

  • Prosperity 

  • Wards off poverty 

Alfalfa is a gentle and generous plant ally to work with in your good fortune spells and rituals. It is associated with well-being on a material level and physical security and abundance. In hoodoo, it is associated with warding off poverty and the protection of our material possessions, as well as drawing in more money and financial success. It is a great herb to use if Better Business spells or intentions where we are desiring to grow our business and see more cash flow coming into our lives. 

Alfalfa Metaphysical Meaning

Alfalfa is associated with the Zodiac sign of Taurus. This is because this is the grass that has been commonly used in cow pastures for cattle grazing. This small and unassuming plant historically nourished the farming industry and its animals, an industry that has been intrinsic to human production and economic exchange. Before the days of commercial farming, to have cows meant that you had a livelihood, a way to feed yourself and your family and provide for their material comforts. Taurus, who's zodiac symbol is the Bull, is an earth element, which is the elemental suit associated with wealth, money and the material world. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and it makes sense that Alfalfa would also boast properties of calling in pleasure and feeling good as Venus is concerned with comfort and hedonism. Due to its connection with Earth, Alfalfa has a grounding energy. 

Cosmic corner alfalfa magical and metaphysical properties
Alfalfa magical properties

Alfalfa Magical Uses

Carrying alfalfa with you is thought to increase your luck and chances at winning anything risk or gambling related. Or, you can add this plant ally to spell jars or put them at the base of a spell candle. It is also said that some people place Alfalfa leaves under their rugs to protect their home and their material fortunes. Considering its herb of luck and good fortune, it’s hard to go wrong with adding Alfalfa to our spell work! To shop Alfalfa and other herbs, head to our website by clicking any of the hyperlinks!


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