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Pick A Card Tarot Readings

Sometimes our anxiety tells us we need the answer right away. And when you lean towards the tools of spirituality to get your answers, you can crave a tarot reading on the spot. So what do you do when the Cosmic Corner tarot readings are booked, or if the store is closed?

You turn to pick a card readings on YouTube.

This is a trendy video type that has exploded recently on YouTube. Readers have hundreds of different questions they channel during their readings, each with three, to five, sometimes ten different piles viewers can pick from. You simply skip to the time of your reading, and get an answer to your question immediately.

The question is, are these accurate and worth our time?

Each video seems to come with a disclaimer: to take what resonates, and leave what doesn’t. At the end of the day, they’re general readings, channeled and made for thousands, if not millions of people. They can’t possibly perfectly fit everyone’s situations.

But I swear, in my experience of readings, a lot of these seemingly random pick a card videos have minute details that relate exactly to what I personally need to know. While some of them, yes, you need to shed the details the reader is giving and stretch slightly to apply them to your exact situation, in general they do a pretty good job of giving off the right energy and message of what you need to know.

Pick a card reading seem to be perfect for when your anxiety and fear is shooting through the roof - when you just need some sort of answer to help calm you down or reassure you.

Then, if you don’t get what you need, or end up wanting more detail, you can then visit us as Cosmic Corner for an in-person reading, designed specifically for you and your energy.

Have you tried pick a card readings on Youtube? Let us know!

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