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Master List of Samhain & Halloween Activities, Spell work, and Rituals.

Samhain and Halloween are creeping up on us rather quickly I would say. If you’re like me, you have some regular traditions that you do every year, but may be curious what other ways to celebrate there are! We’ve got a master list of some fun, free and paid things to do this Halloween season – spell work and activity wise.

Please know that while movie, media, and socials always make a big deal about doing spell work right on Halloween or Samhain, know that the energy lasts a few days on either side, and your spell or ritual work will be just as powerful even if its not at midnight on all hallows eve. We’ve all got different lives and schedules, and it doesn’t affect our spell work.

Onto the list:

  • Reflect on the previous 12 months and

  • journal

  • review and adjust vision boards

  • try a new manifestation technique

  • Take a nature walk

  • Protective spell work and magick like this one here (can be done with free materials)

  • Clean house with intention

  • declutter a little or a lot – maybe declutter your witchy supplies

  • Ritual to release past selves / expectations from your future self

  • Do a year ahead tarot reading or have one done for you

  • Have a feast with friends

  • Leave out a place setting for wandering spirits or ancestors or deceased relatives during that feast

  • Dream work – sweet dream spells, attempting lucid dreaming, etc.

  • Safely reach out to spirits

  • Honor and leave offerings to the fae

  • Reach out to work with the fae on spells

  • Gratitude list of everything you’ve accomplished thus far for the year

  • Decorate the house for autumn and fall

  • Forage for end-of-season goods like acorns, walnuts, goldenrod, etc. *be safe and know what you’re collecting. Don’t ingest anything you have doubts about. Cross reference with multiple sources

  • Take a little one or friend with you to a new shop, historic site, etc.

  • Take an elderly friend with you or bring offerings or games to an elderly home or nursing home. Spend a day volunteering with them.

  • Honor the dead by taking a walk through a graveyard, bring offerings if it feels right.

  • Light a candle to ward or invite wandering spirits in your home on Halloween – I like an LED candle so I don’t have to watch it.

  • Prep any plants for the winter

  • Take out warmer clothes, blankets, etc. and prepare the house for winter

  • Refresh and redo wards and protective magick for the house

  • Honor the house and home spirit(s) with offerings, prayer, cleaning, gratitude, or simply just sitting with them for a moment

  • Divination of any sort on any topic.

Do you have plans yet? You can check out Cosmic Corner’s family friendly fall festival, or leave us a comment on Instagram and facebook on what you’re planning.

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