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Jewelry And Magick

If you’re someone who wears jewelry and practices spirituality, you probably already know that different kinds of jewelry can help manifest different intentions. But in case you didn’t, here are the basics.

Jewelry acts the same way as crystals.

Different metals have different magickal associations, such as silver representing the emotional mind, and gold being linked to financial success and growth of personal power. Choosing what metal you wear, or which you’re naturally drawn to, may give insight into what you need to bring more of into your life. Or, it may allow you to change what you wear in order to bring an intention into manifestation.

Where You Wear it Influences its Magick

If you want to gain ability of psychic hearing, amethyst earrings might do you well, since they rest in the ears. If you want to connect to your heart, a necklace may be better. The placement of your jewelry can influence where if affects your life. Any place you can put jewelry, from your ears down to your toes, can be used for magical purpose.

Gemstones Add Magick

I think by now we all recognize the power of crystals. Just as I mentioned above, the type of crystal or gemstone you wear can also add magic to the jewelry piece. A necklace of kyanite might help you speak more clearly and speak with your guides more easily.

Shapes and Symbols Work Magick Too

Wearing different symbols brings about different manifestations too. Just as its common for Christians to wear crosses on jewelry to bring God’s protection, it works just the same with any other symbol. A dragon pendant will surely help bring wisdom and reveal what’s hidden.

Now that you know all about what kind of jewelry works, hop on over to our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah to get a spell / ritual that will work for any piece of jewelry and any intention.

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