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How to Meet Your Spirit Guides: 4 Tips

Some of my most impactfully spiritual moments have been when interacting with my spirit guides. It feels magical and divine at first, and then it shifts to overwhelming a natural feeling of comfort and love. But, if there’s one thing I knew before I started my journey of meeting my spirit guides, is that sometimes they choose to present themselves in ways you wouldn’t expect – or, that they don’t always appear when you want.

But, if you’re looking to learn how to meet your spirit guides, I’ve got some tips that may help out.

The first is to figure out what your strength is.

Are a vivid dreamer? I’ve always been. So I aimed to get myself into a deep, relaxing sleep where I could meet them. Those dreams have been the most vivid and memorable of my life. But maybe your strength is deep meditation, or writing, or channeling music and song. Maybe it’s tarot or working with a pendulum. Play into what you’re already good at, and attempt to meet your guides that way.

Secondly, know they might only show up in extreme cases.

My guides only show up when I desperately need guidance, or when I’m in a really emotionally rough space. Other than that, I don’t “see” them very often. I can channel them through writing whenever I want, but generally their advice and message is the same. Trust that you are smart, and that you know what’s right even without their guidance. You have everything you need within you. That being said, they are always there if you feel like you really need it.

Also, they might be showing up in a way you didn’t expect.

You may be expecting to meet them in a vision, a dream, somewhere you can see them. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only way they show up. And no, I don’t mean angel numbers, which we’ll cover in another blog post soon. They might be communicating through seeing animals, songs repeating when you’re on shuffle through a playlist, things that your friends and family say and do. If you’ve asked them for help or to meet them, they may be meeting you in a way different then you expected, solely because it’s the best way for you to currently process that information.

You can work with crystals too.

My favorites are celestite and blue kyanite. Hands down, meditating and sleeping with these crystals has caused the strongest result. But, you can check out our other list of best crystals here. Also know that some spirit guides of your will connect strongly to different crystals. If you’ve made the intention to meet your spirit guide, and are randomly pulled to a stone you’ve never been before, it’s a good change that spirit guide resonates with that stone. We’ve got a whole list of stones that we offer at affordable prices.

Just by reading this, you’re a sending a message to your spirit guides that you want to interact with them. And they will! Trust that they will. This month, our Instagram will be full of tips on how to interact with your spirit guides, angels, and more.

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