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5 Signs You're in Alignment

It’s natural for humans to want validation – the same goes for when you’re on your spiritual path. Surrounded by hundreds of crystals, after what feels like a thousand tarot card readings, we want to double, triple check that what we’re doing is for our own greater good.

If you’re seeking some comfort, here are 5 signs you’re in alignment with your greater purpose:

1. You’re not even thinking about it

Maybe you thought about it when you saw this post, but if you’re going through your day to day life without much thought, you’re probably going with the flow. You’re in tune with your life. You aren’t thinking of changing it, because it probably doesn’t need much change, or any at all.

2. You’re seeing animals

Butterflies are signs angels and someone from the heavens is keeping an eye on you. Ladybugs are symbols of good luck. Even crows or black cats, despite their negative connotation, can mean that you’re connected to your spirituality, and on the right path.

3. Opportunities are abundant

Every opportunity is a chance to grow, and a lesson. If the universe is giving you job opportunities, chances to hang out with new or old friends, it probably is pushing you down the right path. It means you’re ready to take these chances and to hear or experience what you need.

4. Your plants are thriving

Old cultures and wives tales tell us that if our plants are droopy or dying, it means they’re absorbing negative energy – from us or our environment. Just the same, if your plants are happy and growing strong, not only are they in their optimum growing conditions, they’re absorbing your high vibrations.

5. You Find Pennies

Or even small trinkets; feathers, pennies, even tiny pieces of string can be gifts from your angels, guides, and the universe. They probably want to remind you of the abundance surrounding you, and like a pat on the back, remind you you’re doing a great job.

Give this post a share if you’ve experienced any of these signs!

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