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how to choose a divination method

There are so, so many methods of divination! Tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, runes, tea leave reading, crystal balls, incense smoke -*inhales*- this list goes on and on. You may be wondering, how the heck do I pick?

And well, I probably have a simple answer and a long answer. Short answer: go towards what you’re drawn to!

If you think tarot cards are pretty, make you feel mysterious and wise, then start with those. But if you love the way a crystal ball looks, save up for a small one and see how you feel.

There is a longer answer though. Here in this blog post, I’ll list a couple reasons why or why not you’d want to choose a divination method based on affordability, time it takes to learn, and so on and so forth.

Tarot cards.

Tarot cards come in a wide variety, so there’s always an art style you’re going to love and connect with. Personally, I collect tarot decks because to me, it’s like collecting art. Tarot can take a while to learn, but once you learn it, you can transfer that knowledge to any deck. The tarot can also answer an extremely wide variety of questions.


Pendulums are affordable, and easy to find. There’s really no learning curve to them either, making them great for those who don’t currently have time to learn something more complex. Pendulums can be finicky, and require you to really only ask the question once – otherwise, you might get a completely different answer within five minutes. These are popular for working with spirits too. Some say they are only used for yes, no, and maybe, but I think you can get create. They are also great for finding lost things – swinging in the direction of the object. They are small, portable, can be paired with crystal correspondences, and so on and so forth.


For those interested in north and Celtic mythos, these might be for you. They are said to be a bit more vague than the tarot, but still offer heartfelt and deep wisdom in a slightly different way than the tarot. They can be used for a variety of questions and scenarios, but do take time to learn. The resources out there are also far less than the tarot, but there is still quite enough.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls require lots of meditation and focus. It is definitely a more intuitive thing than people realize, and takes practice. That means, it may be hard to read for some people, and isn’t great for when you need a quick answer then and there. But…they do look cool on the shelves. Just make sure to check out our post on crystal ball safety. I would recommend starting with a miniature ball first, and scrying with that to see if it floats your fancy.

Is there a form of divination we didn’t cover that you want to see? Make sure to leave a comment below and we’ll do a part 2!

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