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How often do you need protection? The Great Protection Spell Debate

*disclaimer: this is one practitioner's perspective, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Cosmic Corner Savannah as a whole. Please use your own judgement when it comes to spellwork.*

My entire life, the only protection charm I’ve carried around is a tumbled black tourmaline crystal. I picked it up from Cosmic Corner Savannah when they were still in their tiny square shop. I never saw the need for any other protection – I just kept that little crystal in my wallet and knew it would protect me in my travels. And might I add, I’ve never been pulled over since.

Many in the witchcraft community talk about how protection is so necessary. Witches often talk about the number of wards they’ve put up around their home, about the protection oils they anoint themselves with daily.

It makes me blink in surprise.

But even my best friend complains when she hears me talking about how little I do these protection spells, telling me I need to do a better job.

I am a strong believer in only doing magick when you need it. Your energy and resources are too precious for that

Hear me out though: what if you don’t need as many protection spells as you think?

Personally, I don’t work with deities, or really interact with spirits – unless you count angels and my spirit guides. I don’t really know many other witches in my day to day. I grew up in a less than ideal home situation, and I guess I got so good at protecting my mind there, that I didn’t think it was really necessary to add anything else to the mix.

“They can’t touch me,” I would tell my friend. “I just know I’m divinely protected, all day, every day.”

These thoughts may work similar to a cloaking or invisibility or do not interact glamour many witches use when walking to and from work, through neighborhoods or on New York Subways. I ooze off the energy that I cannot be touched, and so therefore, I can't.

Influencers on the internet may actually need the large amount of protections though. Many people know their name, and know they are a witch. They are very much in the public eye. And with a topic such as witchcraft, where literally every single person has different nuanced ideas on different topics, along with of those who disbelieve witchcraft or see it as evil…yeah, I can see how they’d want extra protection up at all times. They never know who may be sending them energy.

My best friend commonly works with and interacts with spirits. It makes sense to me that she would also need more protections up than me. Again, it’s a “who knows what could come up” sort of thing.

I am a strong believer in only doing magick when you need it. Your energy and resources are too precious for that.

And I will do protection spells when I need them. For example, there is someone in my life right now that I can very easily tell does not want me to succeed, and casts “evil eye” on me quite often. I also work at a Christian church, which is not an idea that I personally subscribe to, but can be quite compelling.

So I set up and charmed a veil to protect me. I make sure to wear it when I’m around this person, and began working on how to remove them from my life. I wear the veil to the services I’m required to go to for my job.

I cast protection when I need it.

I just don’t need it as often as an influencer would. My tiny little crystal does me well, and my trust in the universe and my guides it really all I feel I personally need.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments or over on Instagram and facebook!

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