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Citrine Versus Golden Healer And The Difference Between Them.

I recently stumbled across a stone called Golden Healer Quartz. Looking at it, I found it looked very, very similar to Yellow Citrine. After doing a little bit of research, it turns out they are part of the same family.

Still, there are a few differences I’d like to go over in this post: color, and what either crystal is best used for.

Citrine has a beautiful, nice warm color to it.

It’s often times a saturated yellow with hints of orange. But beware the faux citrine, which has a toasty color to it and is actually just amethyst reheated. Comment below if you’d like more tips on spotting fake citrine.

Golden Healer, on the other hand, contains iron.

This then changes the color to be more saturated, and more…well, golden. From what I’ve noticed, the tinge is more red than orange.

And yes, we realize this is quite the subtle difference.

As far as uses go:

We all know citrine as a wonderful money stone. It’s a great crystal for abundance and prosperity. Many have been known to pop these in their wallets, or the money corner of their homes.

Golden Healer however is more for emotional healing. The firey, golden energy of this crystal helps release stagnant energy and fear, and helps with spiritual re-birth.

But hey, you can always use them together to gain some great emotional abundance through healing.

If you’re still confused or worried about grabbing the wrong crystal, know that Cosmic Corner’s always got it sorted out. You can purchase either, and rest assured we haven’t sent you the wrong crystal:

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