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Alternative Uses for Bath Salts

If I had a dollar for every time I raved about the herbal purpose bath salts…yeah – I’d be rich. But these things truly are amazing, not only because if their ~divine smell~ but also because of the power I’ve noticed they hold.

It’s inspired me to use them in other ways, outside the bathroom, in my practice.

Here are three alternative ways to use these bath salts:

*these bath salts contain herbs and essential oils and are NOT meant to be near or used within anything you plan on eating or ingesting*

1. On thresholds

Much like you would use normal salt, or black witches salt, you can use these pretty much anywhere for their intention. On thresholds above or below doors, windows, when you make your circle when preforming a spell – just make sure it doesn’t get outside, as salt can mess with the PH of soil and cause havoc on eco systems.

If you want your bedroom to be a place of love and security, sprinkle some of the love salt on the frame above the door. Same if you want your office to be a place of creativity and money – mix the two and sprinkle away.

2. In rituals and spell workings

Put these intentionally charged salts into charm bags, spell jars, circled around other spell components, and so on and so forth. Use your creativity here!

3. Candle magick

For me, candle magick is powerful. You can circle your candles in salt, anoint them with oil and rub the salt onto the candle, or add it to the top when making homemade candles. You can gently melt the tops of candles with a lighter and sprinkle these salts on for added magick effect. This in conjunction with gemstone sand? *chefs kiss*.

You can check out the entire collection of bath salts here. Let us know your favorite way to use them over on Instagram and facebook.

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