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Advanced Witchcraft: Is it Real? What is it?

Most books that are housed under the “spiritual, new age” part of the bookstore *cough* I’m looking at you Barnes and Noble *cough* are well... Witchy 101. Basic, universal information with a few changes here are there.

Yeah, there are a few more specialized books, like green witchery, basic herbalism, or even lunar magick, and maybe a couple tarot guidebooks. But I’ve read my fair share. And they’re all mostly the same.

It leaves a very common request in the witchcraft and spiritual community: where is the advanced material?

But that makes a lot of experienced witches ask what do you mean?

Here’s the thing – we all got tired of labels of different “witchcraft paths.” But in a way, those are more helpful in learning what books and sources to reach for, rather than sticking to the new age section.

Try a new book section instead.

For example, if you’re pulled to green witchcraft and herbalism, you need to move to that section of the bookstore and begin researching botany, medical herbalism, and books and research papers written by credible authors.

You can also use other sources than books.

Find a witch on YouTube that specializes in that type of magick. Try other platforms instead. Research and find a blog.

Not all of us are lucky enough to be published by the big five, so we make do with other methods of publication.

Try a spiritual shop’s library instead.

Cosmic Corner has lots of books written on specific practices and magicks, written from a spiritual rather than scientific perspective. And, you’re more likely to find them stocked in a metaphysical shop than at a big box store like Target or Barens and Noble.

And lastly, at some point you have to learn to trust yourself.

Personal associations exist for a reason. Connecting with different materials and ingredients, meditating with them, and feeling them out is essential to any witchy or spiritual path. Not everything is a universal fact.

Not everyone will think of the color white as purifying – I find it quite protective, though black is usually the color for that.

And that’s why a lot of “advanced” books don’t exist. Because we start to trust ourselves as an inside, true source of information rather than doing what someone else tells us. Don’t get me wrong, other people’s advice is helpful…but balance it with your own thoughts, trials, and errors.

Feel better?

No? Again, our library is stocked with tons of more specific, specialized books that may suit what your looking for.

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