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5 Witchy Things To Do This Halloween

Need some ideas for this year’s witchiest holiday? We’ve got you covered.

1. Cosmic Corner’s Fall Festival

Local to Savannah? This Halloween, we’re hosting a fall festival with witchy demos, crafts for the kids, and a creative mask contest. Prizes range from sweet candy to a full free thirty-minute reading of your choice. Facebook has more information here.

2. Light A Candle

Lonely spirits travel through the darkness on Halloween. Light a candle in the window of your home with a blessing for the good, friendly spirits to use as guidance for navigating the night. Watch the flame flicker to contact spirits (safely, of course), and let the scent fill the house.

3. Enjoy a Big Meal

Who says large meals are only for Thanksgiving? Prepare yourself a hearty meal – bonus points if you use kitchen witchcraft to manifest something into your life, such as psychic abilities, or discovery of your shadow self – and make sure to leave a placemat for loved ones. As the veil is at its thinnest, old family members may be coming to visit and would love a warm meal.

4. Shadow Work

This Halloween is a long, dark night with a super moon. It’s the perfect time to take a peek at our dark sides, and take care of ourselves. Whether it’s mediating, journaling for five minutes, or a full on ritual, shadow work can help heal and connect us with the universe in deep ways. Spooky, right?

5. Bless Candy

If it’s safe in your area to hand out candy, bless it! Enchant each piece so whoever eats it will have a cheerful holiday.

Think cozy, think homey, and think loved ones. Halloween doesn’t have to be about scary witchcraft. Sometimes its about being gentle with spirits, ourselves, and having fun.

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