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Your Light and Dark Side

Let’s talk about dark sides, alter egos, our evil twins, and the times we feel the back and forth pull between our “light” and “dark” wanting to take center stage. If you’re anything like me, there’s a part of you that’s cutesy, loves soft, saturated shades of pink, frilly sleeves and flowers and plants. But there’s also a side of that’s dark, sultry – sometimes a bit manipulative – angry, and in other words…the opposite of how you come across to most people.

And if you’re anything like me, it’s a constant fight with yourself sometimes.

Asking yourself if you’re being perceived the best way, if what you said was too mean, if that outfit is maybe a bit too revealing for your vibe, aesthetic, or “brand.” *Sigh.* Sometimes it even layers into how to decorate your room or living space.

But let me remind you of a quote I once heard:

“If Persephone can be the goddess of the underworld and the goddess of spring, so can you.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

Sometimes our spiritual path is not always about lightening our souls or raising our vibrations 24/7. And it’s not about doing shadow work to “overcome” these darker parts of ourselves.

Both sides of you, or however many there are, are all part of you. They are all beautiful, and they all give you power. Remember that as spring pops up around you.

You can be both a goddess of spring, and a goddess of hell. You can have both a pretty side to you, and a dark or edgy one. You can be any mix of things you want to be.

That goes for how you dress, how you decorate, what spells or rituals you do, and so on and so forth. Speaking of, check our Instagram for a little ritual candle idea for honoring these two sides of you.

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