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Why You Need Snowflake Obsidian

Dark colored stones are favorites for protection, whether it be in the car or by simply walking the streets during day-to-day errands. These stones are good for grounding and protection, but that’s their only main use.

Enter the beautiful: snowflake obsidian.

The creation story of this doll is fascinating – it is forged in the fire of lava, much like ordinary obsidian. But, the cooling process happens faster than normal, leaving white snowflakes dotted on the surface of the crystal. The result is a type of natural volcanic glass. Each one is unique.

While other protective stones can have heavier energies, sometimes we just need some gentle form of love and protection. That’s what Snowflake Obsidian offers.

The energy is kind, gentle, and airy, much like the cozy flurries of winter.

This stone helps bring out your true self. It creates a field of protection around you, yes, but it also gets into touch with who you are, and offers a lovely place for you to step out and be honest.

It is the true embodiment of the affirmation I am safe.

Snowflake obsidian whispers sweet protections, reassures you, and feels like a warm hug just when you need it. It is the gentle and compassionate, but fiercely encouraging friend who gives you space to truly express yourself.

Right now, we could all use a little bit of all that. Some safety and shelter from the storms of spring, from the difficulties we’ve all been facing. But also some love, compassion, and comfort.

If this stone is speaking to you, you can pick some up here. I’m telling you, you’ll truly feel the difference in the energy of this crystal.

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