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Tips For Beginning Shadow Work

We see our shadows on sunny days and think nothing of it. But we also see our shadows when people poke at our insecurities, or as discomfort in our stomachs. Some people might fear what their shadow would do if they weren’t watching, but, with the right perspective, watching our shadows can help us grow as individuals.

This is known as shadow work.

Though it is not exclusive to the spiritual community, it is used by many alongside meditation, magick, and manifestation. It is not for the light of heart, as the purpose of shadow work is to locate and work with trauma from childhood, our egos, shame, and the parts of ourselves that make us feel guilty or uncomfortable.

If you’re interested in trying, we’ve got four tips to get you started.

1. Make sure you’re in a safe place

Dealing with shadow work can trigger unpleasant memories. Make sure you’re in a space you feel comfortable with, where you won’t be interrupted if you’re meditating or journaling. You may be interested in checking out our sacred space creation series to learn more about creating a safe place to nurture your intentions.

2. Try different techniques

Journaling, meditating with crystals, drawing with crayons, logging conversations or words that make you uncomfortable or upset, proprioceptive writing – they’re all different techniques that can help you dive deep into yourself.

3. Take your time

Whether the aspects of your shadow are as simple and surface level as why you don’t like sharing your cake with others, or as deep as facing something from childhood, you may want to ease into it. That means starting with those small issues and bothersome aspects of yourself, and slowly getting deeper and deeper until you reach the core of your shadow.

4. Know why you’re digging

Since shadow work can be rather intense, it’s important to know why you want to start shadow work. It helps to first ask yourself what parts of yourself you’d like to work on. Using what you discover, creating an intention can help keep you focused and grounded through your process.

In the future, we’ll go deeper into the different techniques useful in shadow work, the research behind it, and the transformative process it begins.

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