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Rainy Day Witchcraft: Sleep Magick

It is rainy mornings and days I am less inclined to work, but rather more inclined to rest. Last night I watched the lightning of a storm rolling in on the balcony, and wished the storm would come our way, if only to lull us to sleep. Sleep magick, and getting quality rest, have been a focus of mine lately.

So whether it’s raining where you are today or not, here’s some ideas for rainy and sleepy day witchcraft to promote quality rest and / or sleep:

A good, stirred with intention, cup of chamomile tea.

The chamomile flower is known as a powerful herb that reduces stress, and helps the muscles and mind relax in order to help get the drinker to sleep. You can stir yours with the intention of better sleep, to not wake in the middle of the night, to lucid dream, or anything else.

If you’re looking for a good day-time alternative that won’t make you drowsy, passion-flower is a good one to try as well.

Watch or read something witchy.

Or cottagecore. There are plenty of witches on YouTube that have channels dedicated to soft, relaxing spell work – or YouTubers that are dedicated to living a slow, intentional life. Try a movie, or even pick up a book from our library to read. We’ve got everything from green witchery, to LGBTQ+ friendly, to books just on intuition and energy.

Make a DIY Sleep Spray.

This little charmed sleep spray is easy to make, especially for those who don’t generally have time to DIY.

I simply took a room spray, such as this one from Cosmic Corner, and tied a couple bay leaves and a sigil for quality sleep around the neck with some colored string. Then, I held it in my hands to fill it with intention and bam, quality sleep spray that only took five minutes to make.

What are your favorite sleep spells and rituals? Let us know over on our Instagram.

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