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Rainy Day Witchcraft

Updated: May 7, 2021

Where I am today, the sky is covered with grey clouds, threatening to burst with sweet spring rain at any moment. To me, rainy days are cozy ones that remind me to slow down rather than work work work. Rain itself magickly signifies cleansing and renewal, so it may be the perfect day to sit down and do some introspective witchcraft

So, in honor of nature’s magick, here are 5 rainy day witchcraft ideas:

1. Collect Rainwater

Not only is it beneficial in spells and other magical workings, it can always be fed to houseplants if you can’t use it up before the algae takes over. It contains many nutrients and minerals plants desire!

2. Spells centered around letting go or cleansing

If there’s a bad habit you need to release, a person to cut cords with, or anything to spiritually cleanse, the energy in the air on rainy and cloudy days will add power to these workings.

3. Cleanse and Tidy your Altar

Need we say more? A tidy and dust-free altar is ideal for spiritual healing and magick.

4. Warm Cup of Tea

Nothing is as cozy as a cup of tea. Brew one that benefits what you need most in your time of life, from abundance to cold-kicking. I would recommend drinking it by the window, taking time to look at the sky and thank nature for it’s rainy magick.

5. Study up on the Craft

From watching a witchy movie or even a Youtuber, to reading a book on the craft or related topics, the gloomy weather is reminding you to slow down. Even if you can only read for ten minutes, or even listen to a witchy podcast in the shower, take the time to pursue your passion for the craft.

If it isn't rainy and motivated to practice some magick, you might like our ideas on practicing magick outdoors.

Are you a fan of weather magick or rainy day witchcraft? Our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah shows more tips on all things witchcraft and spirituality, including magick that goes along with the weather and seasons.

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