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Peering into the Astrological Transits of 2024

Updated: Jan 8

Once in a lifetime transit, Pluto in Aquarius and a rare Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction are the stars of the show

Astrological transits of 2024 breakdown
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Welcome to 2024! Below is a breakdown of the astrological transits for the year ahead. This year, two of the most exciting transits are taking place, and they are both once in a lifetime for many of us. 

Pluto in Aquarius 

Pluto will finally enter, and stay, in the sign of Aquarius in the later part of this year, leading us into a significant moment of time in our collective experience that will be present for the next 20 years. Pluto has been doing a little dance between the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn since March of 2023, where it entered Aquarius for the first time and then went Retrograde back into Capricorn in June, and now will do so one final time, entering Aquarius in January, going retrograde and entering Capricorn again in September, before finally entering Aquarius permanently (for 2 decades, anyway) in November 2024. Since it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun, no one alive has ever seen Pluto (in its prolonged stay) in Aquarius, and surely it will be all the things Aquarius is: surprising, unconventional, revolutionary, technologically innovative and concerned with collective liberation, equality and humanitarianism. How it will actually play out on the ground, we will just have to wait and see. 

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

The other super exciting, and less ominous, transit of the year is the Jupiter conjunction with Uranus at the end of April. (So much Uranus/Aquarius energy in the collective – hopefully it pushes us to embrace community and collective liberation at an egalitarian level.) This conjunction is super cool because Jupiter is a planet of luck, miracles and expansion. It is highly spiritual, here to share with us teachings , experiences and wisdom that expand our mind and elevates our consciousness. Uranus is the plant of metaphysical and esoteric insight, change shocks and surprises, breakthroughs and mental connections that propel us into the future and into new innovations, and just progress as a whole. This is bound to manifest in surprising and unforeseeable (at this time) ways, but due to the influence of Jupiter we can assume this change will be positive. This conjunction is happening in the sign of Taurus at 21º so this could affect finances, the home or real estate, our possessions and even our self-belief. If you have any planets (or nodes) at 21º Taurus you will be affected by this conjunction. And, it's really worth mentioning, that although the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction happens every 14 years, it is incredibly rare for it to take place in the sign of Taurus. The last time was in 1941 and was the year of Rosie the Riveter, when women joined the workforce, and the British captured an Enigma machine, a crucial event for the allies in winning the war. The time before that goes all the way back to the 1800s leading up to the civil war, Lincoln’s presidency and the, eventual, abolition of slavery. (The actual conjunction coincided with Lincoln’s famous “A house divided can not stand” speach.) But if we were to go back to the time before that, we have to go all the way into the 1300s. All of that to say, if you are one of the few with a planet in Taurus close to or at 21º, you are experiencing what it likely a once in a lifetime transit, unless you are very young right now or much older. The next time these planets meet up in the sign of Taurus will be in the year 2107.

Here’s the 2024 breakdown for significant astrological transits:

1/11 New Moon in Capricorn

1/20 Pluto enters Aquarius for the second to last time

1/25 Full moon in Leo 

2/9 New Moon in Aquarius 

2/19 True Node conjunct Chiron in Aries 

An opportunity for deep healing as it pertains to our future and the path we are on, that began with Eclipse season of fall 2023. Aries wants us to be more self-reliant and self-guided but first we have to confront old wounds and find places of healing within our sense of self and identity. 

3/11 Venus enters Pisces until 4/8

This is the only Venus transit I'm marking, as this one is the most beneficial and might just provide a breath of fresh air for us to look forward to. Venus is in her exaltation in Pisces which means she delights and rejoices in this dreamy and poetic sign. Creative endeavors and inspiration could be high and artists and creatives might find this to be a highly imaginative and productive time for their art. Relationships could flourish as well and take on more romance and idealism. We might reconnect with our values in a more inspired and open way. Spirituality may take on a higher and more nourishing role in our day to day lives, especially if this transit is unaffected by harsh aspects to other planets in your chart. 

3/19 A new Zodiac Year begins with the first day of Aries season!!

In astrology, the new year begins on the first day of Aries season, in alignment with the re-awakening of the planet (in the northern hemisphere) and the beginning of Spring. 

3/25 Full Moon LUNAR eclipse in Libra 

This will take us back to the themes of the eclipses of fall 2023, and whatever seeds are sown here will be revisited again in fall of 2024. We are working with the Aries/Libra Nodal axis, so we are working on finding balance between our needs and our sense of self, and our relationships. We’re finding our individuality, drive and motivation, while letting go of self-abandonment and people pleasing as well as relational patterns that keep us from our true sense of self. 

4/1 Mercury RX in Aries until 4/25

This year, Mercury Retrograde will take place in the fire signs. This could feel like a stop and go and we may have to confront frustrations and anger. This is providing insight and re-evaluation into our drive, ambition and inspiration so that we can move forward faster and with higher success in the long run. Taking a calm and balanced approach will support us as well as not allowing a feeling of urgency to dictate our actions. 

4/20 Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 

4/2 Pluto RX

6/2 Jupiter Trine Pluto 

I’m loving the idea of this transit, as Jupiter is providing a huge support to Pluto here, indicating that we have a chance for breakthroughs, clarity and possibly revelations or reveals. This reminds me a bit of the Judgement card in the tarot, which I interpret as a moment of rebirth that comes through an awakening orchestrated by divine intervention. Jupiter is almost always a positive planet as its core energy is coming from a place of genuine benevolence and supportive growth. It will probably magnify the intensity of Pluto but in a way that benefits our evolution and expansion if we are willing to do the work that Pluto has placed in front of us. 

7/26 Chiron RX in Aries 

We will probably be revisiting the work we began when the North Node was conjunct Chiron at the beginning of the year. This is also a chance to see our wounds and healing from a new perspective and to look back on the past and how we got here with an openness to meet the pain and disappointment connected to it so that we can find healing for ourselves and others. Meeting our anger and working with it could be a theme as well as understanding what our true motivations actually are once we aren’t operating from a place of woundedness. What do our wounds have to tell us about our sense of self, our ambitions and our identity? Where can we go back and heal areas that are thwarting our will and authenticity? 

8/5 Mercury RX (beings in Virgo, enters Leo on 8/14) until 8/28

9/1 Uranus RX

An opportunity to utilize the lessons of Uranus on a personal and individual level. This could connect back to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and allow us a chance to integrate the new and that which is changing or has changed. 

9/1 Pluto RX enters Capricorn for the FINAL TIME  

We got a sneak peak into the future from January until now. Now, we are being given our FINAL chance to wrap up and close out, for good, the themes and lessons of the past 17 years. This will see us going backwards, and this is very necessary. We might have thought through the first half of the year that we were underway with new progress, and this is true, however, that progress is not meant to fully take off until November. Don’t freak out if it seems like things are halting and you're going backwards, this is exactly what is meant to happen right now so that you can tie up those loose threads and find closure for the past (almost) two decades. This is no small thing, so take the pause the Universe is giving you as a sign of support for what you’re doing, not an obstacle blocking it. If you read my article on Mercury RX, you hopefully know that retrogrades are beautiful and necessary opportunities to revisit and reconnect with the things we need in order to move forward. Fighting a retrograde is like fighting being on the tarmac of a plane while you wait for the crew and pilot to verify its “good to go.” It will happen eventually, and never because of you, and we really wouldn't want that plane to take off if the people in charge say it needs to be checked out first before given the green light. So lean into this time, and check out what you’re working with before jumping forward. 

9/17 Full Moon LUNAR Eclipse in Pisces 

10/2 New Moon SOLAR Eclipse in Libra 

This is connecting us back to the Full Moon SOLAR Eclipse in Libra at the beginning of the year on 3/25. The nodes and the eclipses have to do with bringing us towards our destiny, on both a collective and individual level. The transit South Node is in Libra, so this will see us letting go and releasing old habits, patterns and coping mechanisms that no longer serve our growth or sense of self. We may have to leave behind people or environments to move closer to what really feeds our spirit and stirs us into action. 

10/11 Pluto goes Direct

11/15 Saturn goes Direct 

For those of you experiencing your Saturn return in Pisces (or those of you with personal planets in the sign of Pisces) this will probably be a much welcomed change, as Saturn going direct will take some pressure and intensity off of you. You might be able to move forward now with things that have been stuck, or things might just feel lighter and less restrictive or melancholy. 

11/19 Pluto enters Aquarius FOR GOOD, WELCOME TO A NEW AGE 

Cardinal signs, we have been feeling this for the past 17 years, especially the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. A huge cycle has now closed and we can begin something brand new. This is a time of innovation and ushering in the future. This is a new area focused on collective change, equality and humanitarianism. This is one of the biggest transits we will ever experience in our lives, and it will last for the next 20 years. This is so big that it deserves its own article, so as not to overwhelm you with information overload. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for later this month. 

11/25 Mercury RX in Sagittarius until 12/15

12/1 New Moon in Sagittarius 

12/6 Mars RX in Leo 

Mars will actually spend the majority of its time retrograde in the sign of Cancer, but that's looking a bit too far ahead into 2025. The beginning of this transit while in Leo will connect us back to the (generally kinda-awful) Venus retrograde in Leo of summer 2023. Hopefully, we can utilize those lessons and now put them to use through the drive and will of Mars. My hope is that the lessons have already been hard won, and now we can go about applying and moving forward with them with more ease. That will depend, of course, on how well we listened to what the Venus RX had to teach us. 

There we have it! If you are interested in deepening your understanding of how these transits will effect you, want learn more about the effects and influence of astrology in general, as well as learn how to read your birth chart and the charts of others, you might want to check out my Astro 101 course which will be coming back to our event space at Cosmic Corner this March! You can also book a private, one-to-one astrology reading with me, Hollee Spring, through our website at any point.

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