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Hex Hysteria: Have You Been Hexed?

It’s what the witches in most television shows and movies do: curse, hex, and jinx. And despite a movement of modern witches reclaiming the term and rejecting stereotypes, it seems like everywhere I turn on the internet, witches are worried they’ve been hexed.

It’s on WitchTok, Witchblr, and I’ve even heard some whispers from YouTubers.

If you’re not familiar, there are three types of spells or rituals that usually cause malintent towards the spell’s receiver: curses, hexes, and jinxes.

A jinx is the smallest form – think causing someone to trip, stub their toe, and spill some coffee on them. It’s meant to be harmless, but gently get back at someone who’s irritated you.

A hex is slightly more serious. It can cause headaches, stomach aches, objects to break, strings of bad luck, relationships to falter, etc.

Rarely, a curse will take place. Most witches normally reserve these as a form of defensive magic against predators and abusers, or to seek revenge on them. They are permanent, and can even last through generations.

But again, everyone today think’s they’re being hexed.

Posters asking things like, “I’ve been getting sick constantly, my dog passed away, have I been hexed?” and “I think I’ve been hexed? My things have been going missing…” and well, the list goes on and on.

When the truth is…you probably weren’t.

Perhaps there’s a reason for the hex hysteria, though. If you scroll through today’s most popular social media platform, Tik Tok, many of the short videos focus on threatening ex-lovers, ex-friends, or anyone that even dares cross the witch in question. There are tutorials to create hexes and curses that go viral for everyone to try.

I recently saw one teaching how to make war water, a form of jar spell that involves water, a tag lock, rose thorns, swamp or pond water, and iron or metal nails that will later form rust.

Some videos are innocent, claiming to only want to protect best friends and family members. Maybe some are 100% for entertainment only. But unfortunately, some are serious threats, even if we might not know the whole story.

This mass production of content about hexing is creating a paranoia in many young magick practitioners.

When we flood social media streams, intentionally or not, with content around a certain topic, it’s more likely to be talked about in day to day lives. Like we talked about in our post about the veil thinning, our awareness shifts.

Any suddenly, everyone’s afraid they’ve been cursed. Or hexed. Or jinxed.

When the truth is…you probably weren’t.

Unless you are a witch out of the closet, a witch with a large number of followers on social media, or someone who knows witches in your day-to-day, you probably weren’t hexed.

Unless you have upset someone who is a witch or knows one, or gotten into a fight recently, you probably weren’t hexed.

Unless you’ve done something deserving of being hexed…you probably weren’t.

As always with anything magickal, look for a mundane reason first.

Have you been eating properly? Drinking enough water? If you’re a human that menstruates, is it a new symptom of your cycle? Is your home tidy? Are you taking care of your mental health?

Often times, physical symptoms or misplacing objects can just be a sign of our body’s or mind’s stress. Make sure to take some time to pause, cleanse, and calm yourself.

If you must look into the mystical, check planets in retrograde, or do a tarot reading about what’s going on. Heck, have one done by a professional reader.

My suggestion would be to lay off the Tik Tok every once and while, and when watching, make sure to take every video with a grain of salt. Take breaks. Shift who you’re following and watching. Mix watching and learning from baby witches and those with years of practice.

And when in doubt, work some protection magick.

Speaking of…we tried to the viral egg protection spell. Click here to learn how to do it yourself.

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