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Full Moon in Virgo

The last full moon before the start of eclipse season is arriving this Saturday the 24th of February. We have officially crossed the portal from Aquarius season into Pisces season, marking the near end of a year-long zodiac cycle. 

Virgo Full moon
Saturday's Full Moon in Virgo

Pisces is unique, otherworldly and mystical. An old soul full of ancient wisdom, this comes as a result of being the last sign on the wheel of the zodiac. This means that Pisces, having traveled through every sign to become what it is, is a little bit of everything. It marks finality and the end of a cycle before we transcend into a rebirth – signified by the start of a new zodiac year beginning with Aries season. We are closing the chapter of the last 12 months, and this full moon is the culminating point of that journey. 

What was happening 12 months ago? What has changed in the past year? What has developed and what has been let go of? These are the questions for us to reflect on as we bask in the full-orbed glow of this Virgo moon. 

Understanding The Virgo/Pisces Axis 

The Virgo and Pisces axis is one of healing and of the spirit. Pisces is the mystic, who dwells primarily with all things spiritual. Virgo, its practical opposite, gets a reputation that is reductive at best – often stereotyped as being so logical, so rational, that its spiritual connection is almost always left forgotten. What a shame, because the magic and mysticism of Virgo is exactly the kind of spiritualism we need. Virgo is not preoccupied with things outside of itself, but rather, what is inside of itself. That is where our spirit is housed, and Virgo knows that the essence of itself is in the body-mind-spirit totality. It is here in this day to day life to create something of the living, and in that way, it takes its spiritual journey as the embodiment of a human on earth. Virgo is the magic and profound mysticism of the mundane. Of sitting in your kitchen and having a cup of tea, of allowing that medicine and connection to fill you in each moment in the most practical and tangible ways. Without the wisdom of Virgo to hold the axis, the transcendent nature of Pisces would dissociate into a separate reality. While that becomes more appealing each and everyday, it seems, as our world slips further into discomfort, it is of no real help to anybody – and the desire to help people is what makes up the core essence of both Pisces and Virgo. The wisdom and medicine of Virgo has us dealing with the practical and rational ways we can care for ourselves and others – and it is worth noting, there is a certain rationality in taking a holistic approach. Virgo, above all other Earth signs, is actually the most open to that which can not be explained, because logically, everything we have ever come to know was at one point unexplainable. 

Full Moon in Virgo – What Does it Mean?

This full moon has us taking a deep look at our healing and at our spirit in the most practical and earthly of ways. How are we showing up for ourselves and others at this moment? Where can we allow more room for care and integration? This is the end of a cycle, and as such it becomes a portal. We enter into it as one thing, and we reemerge as something else completely. It is a release, a death, a profound letting go. This full moon is trine with Jupiter in Taurus, who gets closer each day to Uranus – the exact moment of conjunction will take place April 20th and I, like most astrologers, am waiting with bated breath – and it is also opposite Saturn in Pisces. This is giving us a lot to work with, though it will probably require some seriousness, perhaps even a sober approach where we really look at what we have been working on/with, and I mean really look at it without avoidance, fantasy or escapism to soften what we find. With Jupiter in Taurus, we have all that we need to be grounded in this, and though we may feel the pressure, it is truly nothing that we are not equipped to handle and heal. This is about finding the balance and connection between the idealism of where the spirit and the soul wants to take us and our capacity as human beings, rooted in the physical and the physics of matter, to create it in the day to day through the mundane materials offered to us from this world. It is sometimes boring, it is always time consuming and it never happens right away. It requires an attention to detail and an understanding of the whole picture – both at its most abstract level and its smallest details. 

Last Full Moon

This is the last full moon of the zodiac year and the last full moon before eclipse season, a season notorious for being unpredictable, chaotic and related to fate. Many people, myself included, choose not to work magic with the moon during that time for a number of reasons – 1., if we are manifesting, we enter into a much longer timeline. Instead of working with a month long time limit, it increases to 1.5-2 years. 2., the moon is obscured and unpredictable, she is not functioning in the same way as we know her to so her magic at this time is not what we are used to working with 3., this is my favorite reason and the most important one in my opinion: eclipse season isn't about creating what we want, it is the time where Spirit takes the wheel and our destiny and fate is revealed to us by way of the Universe and They’re wisdom. By its very nature, it is a time of surrender, trust and letting go. If that resonates with you, or if taking a break during that time is already in your practice, it is all the more reason to work with this full moon and make the most of it. This is our chance to lay down the intentions of co-creation before our divine partner takes it from there. 

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