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Chord Cutting Candle Safety

Chord cuttings involving candles are seen all over the internet – we’ve even posted a few ourselves over on the Cosmic Corner Instagram. They are great for cutting energetic “chords” or connections with ex-friends, ex-lovers, family members we wish to distance from, or even that strange waiter that overshared over their life…Chord cuttings can help disconnect us from our past selves, habits we are trying to let go of, or mindset and thinking patterns we wish to grow away from.

But let me tell you, these things are dangerous. Not in an extreme way; I’m not about to tell you to never do a candle chord cutting or candle spell again. But when you really think about it, you’ve got two open flame candles and some added fuel in the form of string.

So I’m going to tell you a story, and then tell you what I should’ve done instead.

Here's the story:

I recently preformed a chord cutting between me and someone else. I sat with one black chime candle and one white chime candle, carved their name into the black, and mine into the white. I then proceeded to listen to my intuition for how much string to wrap around the candles.

My intuition said 8. So I wrapped the string around the black candle 8 times, then 8 more times on the white. I spaced them further apart from one another on a glass plate, and lit them. The largest the flames were on either candle was about two or three inches tall. But when that flame reached those thick wads of cotton string wrapped around them….

I could literally feel the heat standing a couple feet away, and ended up deciding to blow the candles out for fear of a fire hazard. I tried blowing the candles out, but the fire was too strong, and something about pouring water on candles scares me. I ended up bringing to the bathtub and turning the shower on to put them out, meanwhile the fire alarm was going off in my room.

If the fire alarm is going off – your spell candle is too strong in terms of flame. It is a safety hazard.

So let’s rewind.

First, I totally understand the want to use a thicker string for longer-term connections you are trying to end, or wrapping the string for how long they were in your life, or something like that. But if you’re going to do that, you better have a fire pit and outdoor space to do your ritual.

Anything thicker than embroidery floss wrapped once or more around each candle should be done in a safe, controlled environment outdoors.

If you plan on dressing your candles in herbs and oils – do it in a cauldron outdoors, or have a fire extinguisher ready, or a stainless-steel bowl big enough to smother and suffocate the flames if it gets out of control.

While I don’t think glass can melt from the heat produced by a chord cutting spell, if is still a conductor of heat. Make sure to put a potholder or similar item between your glass plate, ceramic bowl, or cast-iron cauldron. We don’t want burn marks on our desks, tables, or carpet.

I honestly recommend the bathtub or shower as a good place to do a chord cutting ritual – you have access to heat-proof tile, usually pretty enclosed, and access to water in the form of a faucet or showerhead should things go awry. If your dish breaks due to heat shock, it’s in a controlled and easy-to-clean environment, not embedding itself forever into your carpet.

Something about sending this person or habit or thing down the drain seems fitting too, though I would never recommend flushing anything down a toilet or drain without triple-checking its safe in waterways or can decompose in a septic tank.

And, always remember sometimes a chord cutting done with scissors are just as effective.

What are your safety tips when it comes to candlework? Comment them below!

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