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Cancer Season Begins June 20th: All About the Lunar Sign

On June 20th the sun enters the sign of Cancer and we go from the airy nature of Gemini season into the mystical waters of Cancer. 

Venus and Mercury Conjunction 

Before we get going, lets talk about what's going on right before Cancer season starts. Venus and Mercury both move into the sign of Cancer on June 17th, but not before making a perfect conjunction in the sign of Gemini at the 29th degree earlier in the day. Communication in our relationships gets a boost and it's a great time to create art of any kind, or push to get your art out there and in front of other people. 

Cancer Season 

This year Cancer season begins early on the 20th of June. It's the season of watery emotions but Cancer is also a sign that loves to have a good time. Its season coincides with the peak of Summer and marks the midway point of the year. It's the perfect time to take a page out of Cancer’s book and indulge in celebration with good friends, great food and immaculate vibes. People tend to feel more sensitive and emotional during Cancer season, but the inner tending that we’re being called towards is best balanced with an ample amount of fun and, let's be honest, some glamour. Cancer is a sign that loves to do the most, because you know what, life is just more fun that way. Adding a touch of production to our experiences is something the luminary ruled signs (Leo and Cancer) do well, and this is part of what they are here to teach us. This gift makes Cancer the perfect host, as they are attuned to the details that collectively make up a beautiful experience, knowing intimately that pleasure is not to be overlooked, but embraced and honored. 

astrology cancer s
Cancer Zodiac Sign via Canva

Key words: empathetic, compassionate, protective, psychic, nurturing, intuitive, deep, emotional, creative, performative, worried, sensitive, caring, ancestral heritage, family oriented 

Crystals: Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Pearl 

Tarot Card: The Chariot, and The High Priestess (ruled by the Moon) 

Cancer is represented by the Crab, an apt symbol for its (sometimes crabby) nature. Cancer’s are soft and squishy, so they learned at a young age that they must go through the world with a tough exterior. Their fierce boundaries exist to protect their tender, sensitive and over-giving nature from anything harsh and insensitive. This is a sign that is easily wounded, however, it is from their wounds that they gain their strength. Cancer learns to be tough through their sensitivities, not in spite of them. Cancer’s bravely face the world with all of the emotions that rise up to meet them, feeling it all and allowing it to push them deeper into their compassion and resilience. To be a Cancer is to move through the world of feelings, to learn to meet your emotions with courage and to come to know that they will not destroy you. 

In ancient Egypt, the symbol for Cancer was the Scarb, which was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. This symbol highlights the keen intuition of Cancer and its mystical nature. This sign is lauded as the most psychic of the zodiacs, which makes sense when we remember that Cancer is here to deal with energy. It is a highly spiritual sign and Cancer’s are often drawn to mysticism, the occult and the esoteric. You’ll often find them in metaphysical and spiritual shops. This is a sign very likely to have a mystical or spiritual practice in their day to day life as there is no separation between the inner world and the outer world. Cancer’s work hard to maintain a rich and vibrant inner world because that is how they create the best version of their external life. For Cancer, there is no outer security without emotional security and their flow has them go inward before going outward. When a Cancer wants to change their life, they will probably start with their emotional world and find inner fulfillment that radiates out rather than working from the outside in. 

Cancers are highly protective of themselves, their peace and their loved ones. These people are what I call “pack animals.” Their core group, a chosen family or family in general, is their world and priority. If a Cancer loves you, you are lucky indeed for there are few signs more loyal and committed to their relationships. They are quick to come to the defense of their loved ones and will go to great lengths to protect those they care about. Cancer’s are natural animal lovers, and dogs especially tend to love them. Cancer’s and dogs have a natural affinity and spiritual connection as Sirius the Dog Star lives in the part of the sky known as Cancer. 

The Moon: A Luminary 

There are only two signs not ruled by planets (if you don’t count Pluto as a non-planet) and that is Leo, ruled by the Sun, and Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Have you ever noticed the similarities of these two signs? There are a bunch! Cancer, being the moon ruled luminary is the understated version of this expressive energy. More focused on the internal feelings than anything else, Cancer’s are content to not be center stage but they certainly are here to put on a show. As a cardinal sign, you’ll find them in leadership and management positions where they are probably orchestrating the whole production whether you knew it or not. They naturally fall into leadership roles but as a sign geared towards cooperation, they tend not to rock the boat or come across overtly domineering. They'd rather engage in more passive and strategic ways of achieving what they want than go the direct route, as preferred by firey, fixed sign Leo. (This is the difference between a sun ruled sign and a moon ruled one.) 

Cancer: A Complex Soul 

Cancer is a sign that can be underappreciated in astrological spheres, often getting a reputation for being manipulative and whiny. This is a sad, two dimensional interpretation of an incredibly deep and layered soul who's gifts, talents and way of seeing the world and the people in it can bring the collective the nourishment and inner directive that is so needed. 

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